Axie Infinity COO: Google Cloud Becomes 18th Validator of Ronin Network

by BSC News

September 12, 2022


Axie Infinity COO Aleksander Larsen made the announcement during the second day of the massive community event AxieCon in Barcelona.

The COO of popular PlayAndEarn blockchain game Axie Infinity announced a new Ronin validator during the second day of panel discussions at AxieCon.

Aleksander Larsen, more popularly known as Psycheout, ended his talk about the roadmap of the Ronin Network by announcing Google Cloud as its 18th Validator. Google joins Sky Mavis, AxieChat, AnimocaBrands, Nansen, YGG, and other prominent parties in the ecosystem as validators of the Ethereum-linked sidechain built especially for Axie Infintiy.

Photographer: Albert Mollon | Copyright: Albert Mollon
“I have an announcement today that we’re going to be joined by an 18th validator,” Psychout ended his talk saying. “Google is joining the Ronin network as a validator. This has been in the works for about 18 months. They’ve been helping us with the infrastructure of the game and have the same beliefs with regards to open sourcing.”

Trung Nguyen, Co-Founder of Axie Infinity, said that “Google Cloud and Searce supported them in every stage of the game’s development, from the time it was part of the Google for Startups Cloud Program till today.”

Sky Mavis’ workspace was built on Google Cloud and it made perfect sense for the tech giant to join the community as a validator.

“Sky Mavis is a strong example of how the cloud can enable blockchain technologies to yield innovation and value creation for individuals,” said Ruma Balasubramanian, Managing Director, Southeast Asia, Google Cloud. “We look forward to working with Sky Mavis to accelerate its product roadmap and grow the Ronin network with secure infrastructure as its core. We’re also excited about the possibilities that could emerge from this latest collaboration – be it entertaining experiences for users or new business models in games distribution.”

What Is Axie Infinity:

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn battling game that shares some similarities with Pokemon and Tamagotchi. Players collect, breed, raise, battle, and trade token-based non-fungible token (NFT) creatures known in the game as Axies.

Each Axie has its own strengths and weaknesses and is customizable with around 500 different traits. Players can evolve and upgrade their Axies which can then be used or sold on the Axie Infinity marketplace.

Where to find Axie Infinity:

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