Five VPNs Worthy for Crypto Users

VPNs have become a mainstay for any crypto user, and here we outline five VPNs to consider when using the web.

The Need for a VPN 

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) bring an added layer of anonymity and protection that has become second nature for nearly all crypto users. Deciding on a VPN can be a tricky choice for any crypto user. A quick internet search can turn up hundreds of options, and some names are routinely heard as popular social media advertisements. 

Here at BSC News, we are not looking to recommend one VPN provider. We understand that the choice of a VPN can depend on a variety of issues and should be a choice made contingent on each user's needs. The once mysterious service is now mainstream. VPNs are essential to hiding an online identity. 

Something to keep in mind is that despite the perception of security and privacy, nearly all VPN providers can sell user data. With all VPN choices, like any crypto investment, it is imperative to do thorough and proper research. Here we brief five VPNs worthy of choice to cryptocurrency users.


Five VPNs for Crypto Users

CyberGhost is a popular choice among many users. For a heavy $12 a month, CyberGhost has the most global servers of all major VPNs. Several issues, including privacy concerns related to its parent company Kape Technologies, raise some concerns. CyberGhost offers a variety of features and should succeed at all necessary VPN activities for the average user.

The creators from notable security auditing projects offer a comprehensive VPN service. The Hacken VPN touts itself as the VPN service trusted by whitehat hackers. The Hacken VPN comes with multiple subscription prices but also comes free with a Hacken Membership, which more or less requires becoming a HAI token holder of 1,000 HAI, which is around $100 USD. The hVPN works on mobile and desktop. Ultimately, as the choice VPN for whitehats, the safety and security of hVPN cannot be overlooked.

Developed in Sweden, Mullvad makes privacy its main concern. For many crypto users (read: anonymity!), the focus on privacy is a huge bonus from Mullvad. The service requires minimal entry to begin, and what it may lack in speed is made up for with security and transparency. Mullvad comes at an affordable monthly cost of around $5 and definitely provides a lot for a little. Mullvad was an Editors Choice from PC Magazine in 2022 for its accessible, simplistic, bang-for-buck approach. 

The VPN service from the makers of Proton Mail has one of the best free services around. ProtonVPN makes itself an accessible attraction for all users with a user-friendly interface. Another privacy-focused service will give crypto-users plenty of anonymity to work with. ProtonVPN offers a free version, but it can get congested and does not compare to the paid upgrade. A user will find a fully capable VPN with Proton VPN. It was also an Editors Choice from PC Magazine.

The VPN project of infamous blackhat ZX2C4 (Jason A. Donenfeld). An open-source VPN with only 4,000 lines of code, WireGuard offers high-level security that is stealthy and distinct in its ability to protect from vulnerabilities. Somewhat esoteric in presentation, the service is a VPN backbone. Users can run WireGuard on top of another VPN service or create their own. Despite some privacy drawbacks, it is one the fastest VPNs around. WireGuard is minimal and could become the standard for all VPNs in the near future. 

Honorable Mentions: Soft Ether VPN, SurfShark, Windscribe,, AtlasVPN

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