Ebisu’s Bay NFT Marketplace Announces Launch of Native Token $Fortune

by BSC News

March 16, 2023


Can an Ebisu’s Bay token lead to an increase in activity on the NFT marketplace similar to Blur’s success?

Introducing $Fortune

The leading NFT marketplace on Cronos Chain announced the imminent launch of a native token called $Fortune, according to tweets from the official Ebisu’s Bay account as well as from its founder.

Before announcing the $Fortune presale, the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace was more coy about its plans.

Responding to a user who said they had been waiting for an Ebisu’s Bay token since last year, the marketplace’s CEO and Founder schwiz replied, “The wait is nearly over my fren”.

In addition to its home blockchain Cronos, Ebisu’s Bay has also launched the SeaShrine NFT Marketplace on the Aptos and Sui networks.

Demonstrating the developers’ versatility, Ebisu’s Bay additionally has plans to expand to Polygon as well as Coinbase’s L2 blockchain Base.

As demonstrated by the explosive rise of Blur on Ethereum, the launch of a native token by an NFT marketplace can provide major incentives to users to increase their activity on the marketplace.

What is Ebisu’s Bay:

Ebisu's Bay is the first NFT marketplace on Cronos. It offers users the opportunity to create, buy, sell, trade, and enjoy the Cronos NFT community. Users are invited to become creators and members of the growing marketplace.

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