DWF Labs Commits Additional $10M Investment in Floki as Partnership Strengthens

by BSC News

February 27, 2024


This strategic move, spanning two years, positions Floki for aggressive growth and enhanced market dominance.

Floki is set to receive a significant boost with investment firm DWF Labs committing to a substantial $10 million investment in $FLOKI tokens. 

According to reports, the move is part of an extended partnership between the two entities, with the goal of strengthening Floki's position as a crypto player.

This investment, spanning over two years, marks a continuation of the partnership initiated in May 2023 when DWF Labs initially invested $5 million in $FLOKI.  The ongoing collaboration between Floki and DWF Labs is intended to propel Floki to dominance in terms of utility and as a marketing force. 

DWF Labs' Contribution to Floki's Growth

Since the commencement of their partnership, Floki credits DWF Labs with playing a pivotal role in boosting Floki's adoption. The market-maker has facilitated key exchange listings, fostered the adoption of Floki's utility by establishing connections with significant industry projects, and publicly endorsed Floki's progress and achievements.

Last December, DWF Labs further demonstrated their commitment by purchasing $1,250,000 in $FLOKI tokens from the Floki Treasury.

The recent announcement of DWF Labs' $10 million investment has already had a substantial impact on $FLOKI's market performance. The token's price has surged, currently trading at $0.4708, reflecting a notable 32% increase in the last 24 hours.

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