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DeBank Unveils DeBank Chain: Pioneering the Asset Layer for Social

With Mainnet release slated for 2024, DeBank Chain focuses on reducing gas costs, providing a Web2-like experience, and ensuring the safety of Layer 1 assets.

DeBank plans to roll out Mainnet in 2024

Web3-native messenger and Web3 portfolio tracker, DeBank, has announced the launch of DeBank Chain, set to redefine the landscape of social engagement. The much-anticipated Testnet launch takes place on August 11, with plans to roll out the Mainnet in 2024.

Built on the innovative OP Stack, DeBank Chain has been meticulously designed to address three pivotal concerns, all while upholding stringent security measures. The focal points of development have been minimizing gas costs, offering a native Account-Abstraction-like experience, and ensuring the safety of Layer 1 assets.

A hallmark achievement lies in the revamped consensus mechanism, slashing gas costs for individual transactions by an astonishing 100 to 400 times. This monumental reduction aptly caters to the lightning-paced nature of social interactions within the web3 ecosystem.

Notably, the integration of a system closely mirroring Account Abstraction at the chain level stands as a testament to DeBank Chain's commitment to providing users with an experience similar to Web2 while preserving seamless compatibility with the current EVM standard.

The introduction of a novel account system, supporting transactions signed by a dedicated Layer 2 private key, is a masterstroke aimed at bolstering user security. This ingenious approach minimizes the reliance on Layer 1 private keys in social contexts, enhancing the protection of users' Layer 1 assets.

How to try out DeBank Chain on Testnet

For users eager to experience the Testnet, Rabby Wallet has partnered with DeBank, offering a smooth gateway to the DeBank Chain Testnet. Notably, Rabby Wallet users can readily access test Gas through the built-in Gas faucet, simplifying the exploration process.

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