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CryptoGirlfriend Explains How to Buy NFTs on BSC

CryptoGirlfriend’s founder took it upon herself to disperse knowledge about how investors can get NFTs on BSC.

Session on Acquiring BSC NFTs

CryptoGirlfriend conducted a 28-minute session on Twitter spaces to educate the community on how they could obtain NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain.

The session was held by CryptoGirlfriend’s founder Juliet Star on January 25. A closer look at NFT data from DeFiLlama across blockchain networks reveals that Ethereum and Solana are clearly the prime NFT chains with volumes of $16.1 billion and $115.8 million. BSC pales in comparison with a volume of $43.17 million.

“I just kind of wanted to go through this information 'cause I've been noticing a lot of people don't even know how to buy on the Binance Smart Chain and at least by me talking through this and making it kind of short and sweet, people can go back and listen to the recording at their leisure,” mentioned CryptoGirlfriend on the motivation behind conducting this session.
Source: CryptoGirlfriend Twitter

The CryptoGirlfriend NFT collection is currently conducting its pre-sale. The limited pre-sale will allow investors to buy the NFT for 0.3 BNB while the public mint will be priced at 0.4 BNB. The project will begin developing its first mini game once all of the CryptoGirlfriend NFTs have been minted. 

“It's your last chance to buy them before the next round. And we're doing a big $10,000 cash giveaway and your ticket to enter is the NFT itself. So relatively inexpensive to enter and potentially win a $10,000 prize. So it's pretty cool,” added the founder.

What is CryptoGirlfriend?

CryptoGirlfriend is an NFT collection of 6,969 uniquely designed beautiful CryptoGirlfriends built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Being the first collection of the CryptoGirlfriend NFT Project, the art pieces of the collection are handpicked by CryptoGirlfriend itself and will later launch a CryptoGirlfriend Comic Book as well which the NFT holders will have access to and even receive a printed version.

Find more about the CryptoGirlfriend here:

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