Core Mainnet Integrated into Bitget Wallet as Core DAO Joins Forces with AVAX and LayerZero

by BSC News

October 27, 2023


Two significant announcements have emerged within the Core DAO ecosystem, involving multi-chain functionality and asset support.

Bitget Wallet Support for Core Mainnet and โ€œJuicy Rewardsโ€

As announced by Bitget Wallet on X/Twitter, Core DAO mainnet has now been integrated into the platform. Bitget Wallet is the self-custody wallet provider associated with Bitget - a leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange and crypto partner to Lionel Messi.

Users of Bitget Wallet will now be able to interact directly with the Core DAO blockchain and, in doing so, access and store cryptocurrency assets native to the Core DAO network.

Bitget Walletโ€™s post also teased an engagement campaign, within the wallet application itself, and ostensibly in association with Core DAO, that allegedly features โ€œjuicy rewardsโ€.

Joining Forces with Avalanche and LayerZero

Announced on the same day, BTC.b, a โ€œmulti-chain, non-custodial representation of Bitcoin bridging the gap between traditional Bitcoin and smart contractsโ€, can now be bridged between a host of top L1/L2 networks via Core DAOโ€™s own Core Bridge.

Said networks include Avalanche, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, and more.ย 

The update could have a major impact on the utility of BTC within the smart contract ecosystem, and open up the door to a range of Bitcoin use cases both on Core DAOโ€™s mainnet and beyond.


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