Core DAO Announces New Hackathon Bounties With Up To $50K Per Project

by BSC News

October 25, 2023


Core DAO has announced a range of exciting hackathon bounties, as part of its collaboration with the upcoming ETH Lisbon hackathon.

Core DAO is set to take the stage as one of a select handful of sponsors for the upcoming hackathon at ETH Lisbon. In a blog posted on October 24, Core DAO announced that, as part of its collaboration with the ETH Lisbon hackathon, it would be offering a range of potential reward bounties to projects that submit applications for the initiative. 

The prizes themselves will be paid in CORE tokens, in accordance with market price on November 5, at the end of the event with runs from November 3-5.

What’s more, any projects that prove successful at the event will be gifted the opportunity to present their project to Core DAO’s grant committee and, in doing so, have the chance to receive some $50,000 in capital support.

What is Core DAO Looking For…?

Core’s judges will be open-minded in receiving applications, inviting projects geared around both infrastructure and applications, but candidates will ultimately be assessed on the degree of utility/value that their project brings to the Core DAO ecosystem.

To give potential applicants an idea of the kind of projects that could be submitted, Core DAO provided the following, non-exhaustive list:

  • A DeFi application offering stablecoin loans collateralized with CORE.
  • A security prevention and awareness dashboard that identifies malicious EOA or contract addresses on the Core blockchain.
  • The building blocks of an account abstraction SDK that enables independent smart contracts to initiate and execute transactions.
  • An engaging decentralized gaming project that interacts with the Core blockchain.
  • An oracle service that delivers reliable weather data to smart contracts deployed on the Core blockchain.
  • An NFT project launchpad and marketplace for creating and trading CORE NFTs.


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