Chirpley to be Listed on Bybit

The Chirpley community will soon be able to trade its native token, CHRP, on Bybit.

Bybit Listing

Chirpley, the new kid on the block coming up with the most innovative influencer marketing automated platform, has announced its upcoming listing on Bybit. Soon, the exchange's global user base can buy, sell and trade CHRP, Chirpley's native token powering the brands and influencers, including an upcoming NFT release.

The Chirpley team said:

Chirpley is the first automated, peer-to-peer influencer marketplace. It is a fundamentally decentralized eco-system that instantly automates influencer marketing campaigns by connecting clients with Nano and Micro-influencers. Effective in both time and cost. End-to-end automated influencing campaigns are made possible by Chirpley's Web 3.0 interface thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain technology.

The team also evaluated:

Due to the lack of technology in traditional markets, the nano-micro market for influencer marketing is still untouched. Large businesses like Netflix and Ali Baba and small businesses are seeking effective strategies to use these nano-micro influencers without blowing their budgets or adding a lot of extra staff to manage. Micro-Influencers are Poised to Make a Big Impact in 2022/2023. In the near future, micro-influencers are expected to play a bigger role. Experts predict that smaller industries will opt to work with micro-influencers. They exude authenticity, relatability, and credibility, which today's audiences value.

This is where Chirpley comes in. Within minutes, a campaign involving thousands of influencers on social media platforms is completed.

According to Job, founder of Chirpley, "listing our token on Bybit is an exciting step forward in building our network on a worldwide scale." "Our platform is nothing without our community, and having our token listed on a reputable platform lets us produce an even stronger and more rewarding experience for the next generation of brands and influencers while extending our international community," he added.

The team reiterated that:

Having a successful debut in the blockchain/cryptocurrency market will give Chirpley the platform to forge significant business connections in the sector and create a hugely engaged community that serves as a strong foundation for expansion into every imaginable market, niche, and sub-niche. This will also give the organization substantial liquid assets to grow quickly and stay ahead of all rivals in conjunction with the token issuance.

In relation to the UTILITY of the token, the Chirpley team remarked:

The brand has the option of paying in fiat or cryptocurrency. Any currency would be changed to $CHRP in the backend. A 50% discount applies when $CHRP is used as a method of transaction. Passive rewards through staking. Staking also gives the holders voting power when Chirpley moves onto a DAO model in the future as the governance token. Holders can make decisions on various releases and further rewards like NFTs, etc. Preferential access to mints for $CHRP holders on future NFT releases. Free entry to online and "in real-life" events that Chirpley Platform would host as part of marketing in the future.

About Chirpley

Chirpley is the world's first automated, peer-to-peer influencer marketplace. It's a radically decentralized eco-system that matches Nano and Micro-influencers with brands, and automates influencer marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes. Cost Effective & Time Effective. Chirpley endeavors to overcome the current issues in the influencer marketing landscape, namely, Manual Matchmaking, improper Influencer Valuation, and lack of Automation on campaigns.

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