CertiKโ€™s Byte Size Blockchain: Proof of Reserves

by BSC News

February 3, 2023


Learn about Proof of Reserves from the blockchain security experts in under a minute!

Proof of Reserves Explained by CertiK

Proof of Reserves is a hot and important topic across crypto and Web3. More and more major exchanges and projects are implementing ways to transparently show their assets reserves. Users want to see Proofs of Reserves to gauge the security and solubility of projects.

Learn how to understand Proof of Reserves in just one minute from CertiK!

What is CertiK:

CertiK is a blockchain security firm that helps projects identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities in blockchains, smart contracts, and Web3 applications using its services, products, and cybersecurity techniques.

Where to find CertiK:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | YouTube

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