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CAKE Boss: Reviewing BNB Chain's Top DEX

A collection of articles about the trials of the top DEX on BNB Chain.

PancakeSwap Timeline

Decentralized Exchange (DEX) PancakeSwap has long held the crown of the top DEX on BNB Chain. Despite its status as the exchange of choice on the chain, PancakeSwap has had its ups and downs as the crypto markets have tapered off from the 2021 bull run. While the community opinion on the project is split between faith and skepticism, PancakeSwap remains the top dog - for now.

Below is a selection of articles detailing notable news about the DEX:

PancakeSwap Completes Successful Era7 IFO

PancakeSwap introduced a new format for IFOs in February of 2022. The first project to hold an IFO using the updated IFO 3.1, Era7, earned $360K in the private sale and $1.44M in the public sale.

Read more about the IFO and Era7 here.

Japanese Restaurant Begins Accepting $CAKE as Payment

The DeFi boom brought a lot of attention to the value it brings to the blockchain industry, but some skeptics questioned whether DeFi could offer real-world utility. PancakeSwap is proof that DeFi does have utility outside blockchain, as a restaurant in Japan began accepting $CAKE as payment.

Read about the news here.

PancakeSwap’s Trading Battle Gets Massive Volume, Claims Go Awry

At the end of 2021, PancakeSwap held a trading battle where rewards were offered based on trading volume. While the competition saw massive engagement, the delayed rollout of rewards left many community members unsatisfied with the quality of the contest.

Read about the snafu here.

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