BSC News NFT Updates, News, and Events

by BSC News

October 22, 2022


Covering the events coming up in the next week for the BSC News NFT.

BSC News NFT Updates

Since opening minting on September 14, BSC News NFT has continued to roll out perks and bonuses for holders, as well as establish new partnerships with projects.

Over the last few weeks, BSC News NFT has made significant progress in providing promised utility and also adding new utility to the fold. New partnerships have been made, Twitter Spaces have been held, and utility has been provided.

Below is a recap of some of the things BSC News NFT has been up to in recent times!

Twitter Thread Recap

The official BSC News NFT account released a Twitter Thread recapping a slew of exciting events and news over just a week-long period on October 16. DinoX and Bithotel perks rolling out, the introduction of the Partner Marketing Program, an official partnership with BNB Chain and Binance Account Bound token utility, and an official Binance NFT listing were some of the things covered in the thread.

Check out all the exciting announcements here!

Partnership with Bodega Blocks

BSC News has announced a partnership with Bodega Blocks, bringing the first $ETH utility to BSC News NFT holders. The partnership, which is the first cross-chain collaboration established by either project, will be an ongoing effort that brings whitelist spots, cross-promotion efforts, exclusive Discord channels, and much more.

Check out our project insight and partnership announcement article to learn more about the partnership.

Strategic Partnership with RACA

BSC News NFT announced a strategic partnership with Radio Caca on October 17. The partnership will give BSC News NFT holders a custom BSC News avatar for the United States of Mars (USM) metaverse, an airdrop of $500 in $RACA split equally among holders, and exclusive event access in the USM Arena.

Visit Radio Caca’s website to learn more about USM.

Mogul Productions Partnership

BSC News NFT also announced on October 20 that it would bring on Mogul Productions as a utility provider and partner. A snapshot of all BSC News NFT holders will be taken on October 22, with all holders in the snapshot receiving a whitelist position for the Mogies collection mint.

BSC News will also construct its own land in the upcoming Mogieland metaverse, accessible only to BSC News NFT holders. BSC News will hold exclusive events and other exciting activities inside Mogieland.

RichQuack Utility Rollout

BSC News NFT partner RichQuack’s utility has been rolled out to holders. Any time a BSC News NFT holder participates in an IDO on the RichQuack platform, they will receive an extra 5% token allocation.

Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces is one of the primary ways BSC News NFT connects with its community. Over the last week, BSC News NFT held Twitter Spaces with Bodega Blocks and X World Games. If you missed the livestreams, check out the recordings below:

The BSC News NFT is still minting on Rareboard - you can mint your own for just 0.4 BNB to gain access to exclusive Premium BSC News content, as well as a variety of BNB Chain ecosystem perks!

Where to find BSC News NFT:

Website | BSC News NFT Twitter | Official Discord Server | Tom’s Twitch | Linktree

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