BSC News NFT Announces Partnership with Bodega Blocks

by BSC News

October 20, 2022


A deep dive into what Bodega Blocks brings to the table as a BSC News NFT partner.

BSC News NFT and Bodega Blocks Join Forces

BSC News NFT is proud to announce that it has partnered with upcoming NFT collection Bodega Blocks in a utility-based collaboration!

The partnership will see Bodega Blocks provide BSC News NFT with 5 Bodega NFTs to be given away to holders through a Genki campaign on October 20th. A snapshot will be taken on October 23rd to qualify for the Bodega Blocks whitelist:

  • The first 100 verified holders will receive the OG role in the Bodega Blocks Discord. The OG role grants access to exclusive sneak peeks of future Bodega Blocks collections, future access to a private channel on the Bodega Blocks Discord, first-to-mint status, as well as a whitelist spot for all future Bodega Blocks mints.
  • All verified holders will receive a whitelist spot. Users must be a member of both the BSC News NFT and Bodega Blocks Discords to receive a spot.
  • The remaining whitelist spots will be raffled off via Twitter.

Bodega Blocks will also participate in ongoing promotions and events such as Twitter Spaces. The collaboration is the first cross-chain partnership established for both BSC News NFT and Bodega Blocks, bringing the first $ETH utility to holders.

The Bodega Blocks mint is tentatively set for October 26th, with the date subject to change. The first collection of bodegas is inspired by Japanese corner stores and markets in Tokyo.

What is Bodega Blocks

Bodega Blocks is a utility-driven Non-fungible Token (NFT) project that takes the global ‘bodega’ concept and applies it in a Web3 setting. The collection takes the form of bodega buildings that are adorned with urban art by a variety of artists. Bodega Blocks NFTs start as a blank bodega building which can then have art embedded. The bodegas are all located on the CUBE, the ‘Google Earth’ of the ecosystem where users can quickly scroll through and find specific bodegas and villages.

Bodega Blocks was created by a group of friends who were heavily invested in the Web3 space, particularly on BNB Chain. When the group decided to get involved on the development side of DeFi, the concept of the bodega stood out to them because of its universality; across the globe, community-driven stores fill unique niches based on the demand of the community. The descriptive word changes from country to country, but the overall theme of the bodega is global.

The Bodega Blocks team leverages this concept in a Web3 setting by allowing users complete freedom with their bodega, including the ability to connect multiple bodegas to form a village. Much like real-life bodegas, what each Bodega NFT has to offer is dependent on community demand.


What Makes Bodega Blocks Unique

Bodega Blocks seeks to unify the 1/1 and generative NFT spaces in a blend that highlights both digital art and income utility. There is a distinct separation between the two communities currently with limited overlap. Bodega Blocks seeks to break down the wall between them and serve as a bridge that allows the positive attributes of each community to shine - all while providing sustainable utility for holders.

Along with introducing artists new to the Web3 space such as White Squid Tokyo, existing popular NFT collections will also be embedded as derivatives. These carefully curated derivatives will essentially create rarity tiers and also come with a variety of cross-promotion opportunities for the original artists.

Bodega Blocks NFTs are also unique in that they use a cutting-edge contract that allows them to be “stored” inside other NFTs. This allows bodegas to be upgraded, which will be a large part of Phases 2 and 3, according to the whitepaper.

Opportunities for Artists, Influencers, and More

The customization opportunities Bodega Blocks offers help the collection to stand out. Bodega creators can choose to design their buildings with paid adverts (essentially serving as an influencer), promote other collections or projects, or even their own businesses - there is complete freedom in the design of each building.

Bodega Blocks Utility

While the artwork embedded on Bodega Blocks NFTs is appealing, the primary concern of the project is providing utility for holders. This utility is achieved through a variety of benefits and features for bodega owners.

Sustainable Passive Income

Bodega Blocks offers passive income in the form of 'rent' for holders. The rent is paid out in USDT, with a guaranteed 50% APR based on the mint price. There is no native token for Bodega Blocks - all rewards are in stablecoins to ensure the project's long-term profitability, as the rewards will never change in value.

The income is also sustainable for a few other reasons; there is no reliance on volume, and the income is not derived from transaction taxes. Instead, the income is taken from a buyback wallet funded by secondary market royalties and mints, as well as treasury funds.

The wallet is also used to purchase and burn Bodega NFTs from secondary markets, permanently removing them from circulation. This helps to stabilize the floor of the project and minimize its speculation and risk.

An Open Canvas for Artists and Influencers

As previously mentioned, the Bodega Blocks collection serves as an excellent tool for artists to promote their work. Whether this is creating existing NFT collection derivatives, introducing new digital artists to Web3, or simply promoting existing NFT designers' latest designs, artists can benefit from both exposure and cross-promotion by Bodega Blocks.

Companies and influencers can also take advantage of the structure to benefit their endeavors. From a billboard promoting company branding, a stylized affiliate marketing link, to sharing a new company promotion, Bodega Blocks holders have the power to leverage their bodegas as they see fit.

Bodega Blocks Roadmap

The Bodega Blocks roadmap is ambitious, with plans to expand into city-building and potentially even commerce opportunities in the CUBE. The roadmap is sectioned into 5 unique Phases:

Phase 1: Pre-Mint - This stage involves preparing Bodega Blocks for launch, including opening social media platforms, developing contracts, finalizing NFT art, and other preparation operations.

Phase 2: Bodega NFT Mint - This is the minting Phase. The distribution of the mint is as follows:

  • 111 Preferred Genesis
  • 1,111 Genesis Mint
  • 7,777 Public Mint

All rewards are claimable immediately post-minting. The "art reveal" will take place within 72 hours of the final mint.

Phase 3: Land Parcel Sale (LPS) Launch - In this Phase, users will be able to purchase land parcels in the CUBE. There will be roughly 6 land parcels per NFT holder, a total of 55,555 parcels. Holders will be able to merge their bodegas and parcels to create a BLOCK and increase their potential earnings.

Phase 4: CUBE Launch - The CUBE will launch in this stage, bringing new utilities such as bodega leasing. More will be revealed as this Phase is entered.

Phase 5: And Beyond - This will be an ongoing Phase where the Bodega Blocks team will continue to integrate new ideas and utility into the platform. Features like metaverse and gamification are currently being discussed, with more to come in the future.

Concluding Thoughts

BSC News NFT is extremely excited to bring Bodega Blocks into the fold as a collaborator. The unique approach Bodega Blocks takes to the Web3 industry offers both utility and fun for users - things that the BSC News NFT strives to bring to its holders.

Follow the BSC News NFT Twitter account and join the official BSC News NFT Discord to learn more about what the collaboration will bring to the table! You can mint your own BSC News NFT on Rareboard or choose your favorite in the secondary market on Binance NFT.

Where to find Bodega Blocks:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Whitepaper