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BSC News Introduces Pi Network in Short Video and Twitter Space

BSC News is working to help users wrap their heads around the Pi Network phenomena.

BSC News Host Tom Dives into Pi Network

BSC News host, Tom Andrews, produced a video introducing Pi Network. Pi Network has been making headlines across the crypto industry in recent weeks, with many around the industry perplexed by what the network is and amazed at how massive the community behind it is.

Pi Network has recently drawn the attention of famous centralized exchanges and token listings like Huobi and CoinMarketCap while getting talking space from industry stars like Justin Sun and Ben “Bit Boy” Armstrong.

Watch Tom explain the basics and help you understand all the hype:

BSC News also recently held a Twitter Space on December 29 to discuss the recent listing and trading of Pi Coin on several exchanges. The coin listing has caused quite a buzz and even saw the Pi Core team hit back against the listings and deny any involvement.

Listen to the over hour-long conversation below, featuring BSC News Co-Founder and CFO Ben Antes and Senior Pioneer and Pi Network expert Jatin Gupta.

What is Pi Network:

Pi Network is a mobile blockchain mining project on a mission to give everyone access to the cryptocurrency revolution. The project was founded by a team of Stanford University Ph.D. candidates who designed a mobile-friendly blockchain mining algorithm.

Pi Network has evolved over the years and has organized a hackathon, built a couple of working Pi blockchain apps, and is now in the final stages of transition to public mainnet.‍

Where to find Pi Network:

Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram |

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