Binance Blockchain Week - Day 2: Tony Parker launches NFT Charity Collab

by BSC News

September 16, 2022


All you need to know about the Day 2 at the Binance Blockchain Week in Paris!

The Binance Blockchain event was a jam-packed one with lots happening in the NFT space.

Called “Bringing Pop Art to Web3” this session centered around how Web3 could be introduced into the pop art world.

The panelists were James Rothwell from Binance, Alan Terrisse, from Like a Brush NFT, Former NBA star Tony Parker, owner of Infinity Nine Group and Julien Durix an established artist with whom Parker will launch an NFT project for charity.

Julien Durix said that it was his geeky nature that led him to learn about crypto at a young age. He decided to go deeper into NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and in the process discovered the lucrative possibilities tokenization technology can provide. He thinks blockchain and NFTs are disrupting many industries and art is no exception.

Alan Terrisse said he discovered crypto in the year 2017 for the first time, and was very curious about how the industry functioned.

“After the NFT craze in 2020, I already started digging into the building possibilities that Web3 and blockchain can provide and that is when we first talked of the idea of bridging the gap between the physical and the digital space, as people are exploring much and going crazy about this space.” - Alan Terrisse
Live from the event

Tony Parker said that it was five years ago that his team talked about the crypto space, though they were initially very reluctant. But when they explored further they found out that the crypto world has limitless possibilities and that prompted them to adopt an open attitude towards cryptocurrencies.

The panelists mentioned that they are all very committed to giving back to their respective communities, their countries, and also the youth of the country. They all felt that NFTs and blockchain technology can help them achieve these goals much faster.