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Binance Blockchain Week, Paris - Day 3

Day 3 of Binance Blockchain Week in Paris started off with a panel featuring Binance, Crypto Banter and a well-known hacker.

Binance Panel: ‘Creating Safe and Strong Web3 Communities’

The third day of Binance Blockchain Week in Paris started with a panel called, “Creating Safe and Strong Web3 Communities.”

The moderator of the panel was David Princay from Binance, and members included Ran, host and founder of Crypto Banter; and Rabbin des Bois, a well-known hacker, writer and YouTuber.

The panelists talked about the possibilities of blockchain tech, the current landscape and also the future trajectory of the crypto world. Rabbin expressed his optimism about this space.

“I am a cybersecurity nerd and promote digital consciousness highly. I believe that we are living in the next world, and these are the times which are completely being ruled by the digital space. I want to be working in this space and spread this message to everyone,” des Bois said.

Further, des Bois said that one can only appeal to his community when there is something of value; that is to say, that the consumers must be able to relate to the product. Secondly, he said that an organization must make sure that their products are as safe as possible for users.

Ran said he is involved in a project to build a live, 24/7 content platform that only specializes in crypto content. Their venture is about a year and a half old and they have a team on board who research all day and then disseminate the information to their community.

Ran said the main pillars of building a community are authenticity, transparency and integrity. He took to Twitter to share his elation to be present at the Binance Blockchain Week in person.

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