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Ben Armstrong Rebrands: “BitBoy is Dead”

Ben Armstrong is looking to move away from his BitBoy Crypto origins, establishing new accounts using his own name, and looking to proliferate the tag, #BitBoyIsDead.

The former host of BitBoy Crypto, Ben Armstrong, has not been deterred by recent controversies surrounding his departure and the revelations that came after, regarding an alleged affair and substance usage

In a video posted on September 5, from what appears to be his new X (Twitter) account, though this account is yet to be verified, Armstrong declared:

“BitBoy is dead. There is no BitBoy. There’s no BitSquad. It’s over.”

Though Armstrong is yet to publish much more content via his ostensibly new handle, follow up posts have emerged including an attempted livestream (which appears yet to take place), as well as an additional video.

Ben Armstrong’s New Accounts

In addition to establishing a new X (Twitter) account, which has already accrued more than 26,000 followers at time of writing, Armstrong seems also to have set up a new YouTube account, simply titled ‘Ben Armstrong’.

This YouTube account has amassed some 34,400 subscribers, despite only posting two videos. Armstrong compounded his message in one of those videos which is titled, BitBoy IS DEAD… It’s OFFICIAL.

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