BAPTSWAP Launches on Aptos, Offering Innovative Tokenomics Solutions

by BSC News

April 10, 2023


BAPTSWAP protocol on Aptos facilitates tokenomics for smaller projects with limited funds by collecting taxes for Aptos chain tokens outside of contract constraints.

BAPTSWAP: First DEX to Offer Fee-on-Transfer Token Launches

Decentralized Exchange (DEX), BaptSwap went live on Aptos, promising to be the only DEX to offer fee-on-transfer token launches on Aptos.

The BaptSwap protocol developed by BAPT Labs on Aptos simplifies tokenomics by routing transactions through a router. According to the protocol, it's crucial since Move programming language used by Aptos does not allow tokenomics within the contract itself, which is problematic for smaller projects with limited funds. As a solution, BaptSwap collects taxes for Aptos chain tokens outside of contract constraints.

“Aptos and other Move language coins like Solana currently have no tokenomics,” BAPTLABS stated. “This makes BAPTSWAP more than just another DEX, as it offers a unique solution to add tokenomics to Aptos and potentially Solana, making it the first of its kind.”

As reported, BaptSwap is the only DEX on Aptos that offers treasury fees, rewards, reflections, or even burn mechanisms for token launches.

BAPT is the native token of BaptSwap. As a cornerstone for new token creation, management, staking, and trading types, the BAPT token captures the value generated by the ecosystem.

You can earn $BAPT if you participate in the protocol's LP Farms and Pools, or you can purchase it on the exchange. After that, you can stake $BAPT in the Pools to earn free tokens and use it in LP Farms to earn more tokens.

The protocol also offers dual rewards in $BAPT and $APT, making it the first platform to reward $APT.

On Aptos, the DEX ranks 14th in terms of total value locked (TVL) with a TVL of $113,520. Aptos ($APT) is trading at $11.03, down 0.11% in 24 hours. 

What is Aptos:

Aptos is a new, independent project focused on delivering the world's safest and most production-ready Layer 1 blockchain. The team includes the original creators, researchers, designers, and builders of Diem, the blockchain first built to serve this purpose.

Where to find Aptos Labs:

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