As Ethereum (ETH) Faces a 20% Dip, DeeStream's Presale Gathers Momentum, Highlighting Stellar (XLM) and The Graph’s (GRT) Role

by BSC News

March 27, 2024


DeeStream aims to revolutionize decentralized streaming, offering investors a stake in its promising future.

While the market keeps being extremely volatile and critical for Ethereum (ETH), DeeStream (DST) places a shining light on the promising future in this fiery world of cryptocurrencies. DeeStream (DST) presents a presale for many investors, backed by a number of Stellar (XLM) holders.

The future blue chip cryptocurrency that DeeStream (DST) projects offers the path for investors to embrace and be part of the transformational possibility of decentralized streaming. Now, let's learn more about the presale opportunity for DeeStream (DST) and how it may change the way the world of streaming and video content for the better.

Stellar (XLM): Revolutionizing Financial Operations

Stellar (XLM) is a decentralized blockchain platform that provides swift and secure financial transactions since the year 2014. It comes from Jed McCaleb, priding in the consensus protocol the Stellar (XLM) Consensus Protocol (SCP) to ensure, from a reliable standpoint, the lightning quick processing of the transactions.

Fostering smooth, cross-individual, bank, and payment system transactions is the prime ideal behind setting up Stellar (XLM). Stellar (XLM) uses the cryptocurrency Lumen as an antidote against spamming, also termed as 'Stellar.' 'Lumen' is like the fuel inside an ecosystem, making the transactions processed by it spam proof in nature. So, in the world of efficiency and accessibility, they are coming up with a totally different scenario. 

The Graph (GRT): Unveiling Proof of Stake Data Infrastructure

The Graph (GRT) is a direct entry as one of the leading players in the web3 ecosystem and has drawn investment attention from premier investors such as Coinbase Ventures. More than $226 million is changing hands daily, in a bullish flow of great momentum compared to holding The Graph (GRT), which has risen 37% in the last month. Technical analyses have projected that the market price will rally towards $1, supported by the fundamental and bullish signals of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Elliott wave theory. It underscores a new potential for rewarding individuals in reshaping the digital landscape. 

DeeStream (DST): Transforming Online Streaming

In the highly dynamic modern world of streaming, DeeStream (DST) is at the top of the few, standing out with a decentralized platform for the better empowerment of users and creators compared to centralized giants. Based on blockchain, DeeStream (DST) goes one step further in community governance and stands for honesty. It is an exemplary manifestation of ordinary streaming experiences. It sets the difference by being fully committed to freedom of speech and offers users the freedom to express themselves in a censorship-free environment.

Amidst DeeStream's presale surge, investors stand on the brink of a transformative investment opportunity. The sky is certainly not the limit for DeeStream (DST), as the live-streaming market is projected to cross $247 billion by 2027. With an audit clearance, locked team tokens, and secured liquidity, DeeStream (DST) is providing a solid footing toward furthering growth. The presale investors benefit through platform fees, all functioning perfectly according to DeeStream's ethos of "in for the long haul," ensuring all stakeholders are properly motivated and empowered.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here.

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