Aptos Reveals Pivotal Data Integration Partnerships to Make Data More Accessible for Aptos Community

by BSC News

January 25, 2024


The collaborations include DappRadar, Flipside Crypto, Token Terminal, and others, aiming to revolutionize data integration services on the Aptos blockchain.

The Aptos Foundation announced an array of strategic collaborations, projects, and integrations at the Aptos Ecosystem Summit.

With its latest initiatives, Aptos Foundation has attracted renowned data providers and integrators, such as Dune, Nansen, Space x Time, Token Terminal, DappRadar, The Tie, Flipside Crypto, and Elliptic. 

For instance, DappRadar leads the charge in tracking over 15,000+ dapps across various sectors, aiding Web3 users in informed decision-making through insightful on-chain data.

Dune Analytics is a crypto data platform, offering organized, human-readable blockchain data across chains to millions of users and contributors.

Whereas, Nansen enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels, enabling crypto investors to identify opportunities and defend portfolios through real-time dashboards and alerts.

Token Terminal focuses on standardizing financial and alternative data for leading investors and operators in crypto, ingesting over 100k transactions per day, and managing 50TB of raw blockchain data.

Through these partnerships, Aptos aims to enhance the discoverability of dapps within the Aptos blockchain ecosystem by empowering data providers, streamlining data standardization, and standardizing data access.

Data integration services will be available to all members of the Aptos ecosystem and community with the integration of on-chain data providers. In return, the platforms will gain access to a large non-EVM community of projects ready to make use of data, resulting in increased trust and community.

A New Data Era?

As a result of these partnerships, data in the Aptos community will reportedly become more accessible and usable, transcending the limitations of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Bashar Lazaar, Head of Grants & Ecosystem at Aptos Foundation, highlighted the transformative potential of these collaborations in enhancing user experience and community value.

“By partnering with top Web3 data integration providers, we empower protocols and projects to transition seamlessly to Aptos, fostering unparalleled opportunities,” Lazaar stated.

Meanwhile, Conor Flanagan, Ecosystem Lead at Flipside Crypto, lauded the collaborative ethos of the Aptos community, praising the user-friendly Move programming language for data analysis on the Aptos blockchain.

The development marks a pivotal moment for the Aptos ecosystem, promising enhanced functionality, accessibility, and innovation in decentralized data integration.

To make building Aptos a data-rich, insight-filled experience for protocols, projects, and builders, the company plans to add more integrations and partnerships.

Aptos’ native token APT is trading at $8.36 at press time, down, 20% in the last 30 days.


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