Aptos Network Recovers from Lengthy Outage

by BSC News

October 19, 2023


The outage, coincidentally occurring during the network's anniversary week, disrupted on-chain transactions, prompting major exchanges like Upbit and OKX to alert users about Aptos Network maintenance.

Recovery After Five-Hour Downtime

The Aptos Network successfully restored its operations after enduring a disruptive outage lasting five hours. Coincidentally, this outage coincided with the one-year anniversary of the network's launch, drawing attention to its operational stability and robustness. According to AptoScan, on-chain transactions on the Move language-based blockchain were brought to a sudden halt at 11:11 pm UTC on October 18, at block 104621314.

The outage on the Aptos Network had an impact on its transactions, leading to concerns and criticism from its user base. The Aptos Network maintenance required major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Upbit and OKX, to alert users about temporary suspensions of APT deposits and withdrawals. 

User Sentiment and Network Evaluation

The Aptos Network acknowledged the outage and reassured users that it was actively working to resolve the issue, aiming to restore normal operations swiftly.

Despite the Aptos Network's efforts to address the outage promptly, user sentiment remained mixed, with some expressing disappointment and skepticism about the network's reliability and robustness. 

Despite these challenges, the Aptos Network has shown significant growth, with over 301 million transactions processed since its mainnet launch. Moreover, it boasts a market capitalization exceeding $1.238 billion, highlighting its sustained traction in the blockchain ecosystem.


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