Alien Worlds GameFi Surging Back To Top of Rankings

by BSC News

October 31, 2022


The Alien Worlds metaverse ends the month of October atop the GameFi rankings among all blockchains and looks set for a strong winter.

Alien Worlds No. 1 for BNB Chain GameFi

Behind the activation of Syndicate spending accounts, Alien Worlds has propelled itself back to the top of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) rankings, not just GameFi.

The last week of October saw a massive influx of unique active wallets (UAW), which rose over 24% to more than 360,000 UAWs, according to DappRadar. The game is far and away the most active game in all of blockchain. Only Splinterlands comes close with just under 300,000 UAW, but no other game on BNB Chain is in the neighborhood.

The Alien Worlds Syndicate race is in full swing and has done well to attract new members to play. The new era brings an added level of interaction that allows users to “control their own destinies” in weeklong elections to compete for new in-game assets. With a deep and expanding universe of lore, Alien Worlds reigns supreme as the top GameFi on BNB Chain heading deep into the Fall of 2022.

What is Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is an NFT-based blockchain game conceptualized around a virtual metaverse. The game is a multi-chain decentralized finance project on Ethereum, Wax, and BNB Chain blockchains. Players of Alien Worlds have the opportunity to mine TLM and stand a chance to mine new NFTs, which can be interacted with through gaming. Alien Worlds has inspired players to create, share and thrive in the social metaverse.

Where to find AlienWorlds:

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