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A Second Chance: Three Upcoming Crypto Airdrops After Missing $ARB (Part 1)

More crypto airdrops are on the way. The highly anticipated Arbitrum token debuted with 42 million tokens claimed in the first hour. Learn about upcoming airdrops like LayerZero, Metamask, and Sui Network in this article. Don't miss out on the chance to earn big.

What to Look for After $ARB Airdrop:

The crypto community had been eagerly awaiting Arbitrum's native token launch, which took place on March 23. The token even traded at $3.99 on Uniswap as a result of the surge in volatility on decentralized exchanges. Further, according to Nansen data, more than 1 billion $ARB tokens were claimed as of press time.

Do you regret not taking advantage of $ARB's airdrop and making up to $50k+? Don't worry, there are still more crypto airdrops coming up. Here are three upcoming potential airdrops that you can keep an eye on:


LayerZero creates multichain interoperability through trustless technology.

Although LayerZero does not yet have its own token, they have already raised $173.3 million in funding from investors like Alameda Research and Andreessen Horowitz, so it's very likely that it will do so in the future. 

Those who use LayerZero-based dApps may be eligible to receive an airdrop if they launch their own tokens. Here are the steps you can follow to be eligible to receive the airdrop.

  1. Connect your wallet and bridge assets to and from Aptos with the LayerZero X Aptos Bridge.
  2. You can bridge assets by visiting the USDC testnet bridge by LayerZero.
  3. You can also use LayerZero-based dApps like Stargate Bridge, Aptos Pancake Bridge, Pontem LiquidSwap Bridge, and Metis Bridge.
  4. Investing in or holding $STG on Stargate may also qualify you for an airdrop. STG is available on Binance and Bybit.

Metamask airdrop: 

MetaMask has hinted at launching its own token, $MASK. As a result, Metamask's $MASK token airdrop has already sparked significant trading volume due to speculation. However, MetaMask has yet to specify whether its users will receive tokens by airdrop. 

The following steps may make you eligible for an airdrop:

  1. Start by downloading the MetaMask wallet and creating your wallet. 
  2. Make a deposit or purchase some tokens. 
  3. Engage with top Ethereum dApps. You can swap different tokens using their Swap feature. You can transfer tokens between networks using their Bridge.
  4. Become a member of Infura's Early Access Program
  5. Make a Gitcoin donation to MetaMask

Sui Network: 

The team behind Sui ($SUI) is developing a new blockchain that is a direct competitor to Aptos ($APT), whose members worked on Diem previously. However, the Sui team has clarified in its blog post that they will prioritize distributing tokens to early community members. 

According to the team, Sui's token distribution will also include spreading knowledge about Sui, onboarding developers, and testing and refining its applications. It is also possible that rewards will not be distributed until their main net launches, which have yet to take place.

Here are some ways to get a potential $SUI token airdrop:

  1. Use the Sui Wallet
  2. Request SUI devnet tokens
  3. Stake and earn Sui
  4. Mint Sui Capys NFT
  5. Register your domain with Sui Name Service (SuiNS)
  6. Take part in the Sui test net waves
  7. Join Clutchy and get a free NFT test mint
  8. Interact with the Sui ecosystem's protocols

You cannot guarantee that you will be eligible for airdrop after following the above-mentioned steps, but you can certainly increase your chances.

Crypto airdrops can be a lucrative opportunity for investors to earn free tokens and potentially make significant gains. The recent $ARB airdrop was a prime example of how a small investment of time and resources could lead to substantial returns. 

As more projects continue to enter the crypto space, there will undoubtedly be more airdrop opportunities for investors to participate in. 

It's important for investors to stay informed about upcoming airdrops and to carefully research each project before deciding to participate. By doing so, investors can maximize their chances of success and potentially reap significant rewards. Don't miss out on the next big airdrop - start researching and stay ahead of the curve.

What is Arbitrum:

Arbitrum is an Ethereum layer-2 network that enables developers to build and deploy highly scalable smart contracts at low cost. You can use Arbitrum chains to do all the things you do on Ethereum — use Web3 apps, deploy smart contracts, etc., but your transactions will be cheaper and faster. The flagship product for the team, Arbitrum Rollup, is an Optimistic rollup protocol that inherits Ethereum-level security.

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