A Classic “knockout” from Ninneko at the End of the Year 2022 With the Launch of the Event Chain to Welcome a Big Update

by BSC News

December 19, 2022


Ninneko’s innovative feature updates in the changing markets provide users with better experiences.

New Updates Send Ninneko to New Heights

The last Super Big Update on December 15th from Ninneko has proved its pioneer position in a harsh world of GameFi. Thanks to an excellent DEV team who is always willing to listen, this update with a highlight of NFT Burn Mechanism immediately reaches striking numbers despite 1 year of release:

  • Top 7 in Hot Pairs Rank by Dextools
  • Constantly collaborating with more than 30 huge Guild Game communities around the world such as Akatsuki Labs, CCA Channels, GF Capital, Volcano, CryptoHunters, FA Capital…
  • Being in the list of outstanding GameFi projects released by the BNB chain on December 16th. Those are huge steps to prove the growing values and prestige of Ninneko.
  • The price of NINO Token climbed more than 70% with 1.730 NFT burned in less than 24 hours, trading volume on the market has increased 4 times, increasing liquidity and controlling inflation

Super Big Update on December 15th with features in order to break the concept of “inflation” which is commonly seen and has contributed to the collapse of many huge GameFi projects in the market.

Ninneko team has accepted the changing markets and added many new features so that users can have better experiences. December will be a “boom” month and also a turning point for a huge alteration in the Ninneko project in the future.

Burn Neko 2.0 Mechanism

In the new version, Burn Neko Mechanism will be changed when users burn cats to get Neko Gold. Afterwards, users will use Neko Coin to buy wild box 1, wild box 2, and wild box 3.

Especially in the Big Update version, this cat burn turn will be totally free, you can burn cats without any onchain cost - an offer only available in this event, so don’t miss it. Details about the box price purchased with Neko gold will be launched on the official platforms of Ninneko, so don’t miss any information.

Ninneko Burning Event

In this event, all users will not only join in Burn Top which promises to bring intense moments but they will also get more gifts when reaching the point as well as valuable gifts from Top Race.

Burn Nekos (NFT of Ninneko) to get Neko Gold for the wild box and receive presents at the same time! No doubt that the Ninneko project team is showing a lot of love for their users.

Top Burn Nekos will receive the following gifts:

  • TOP 1: 2 box 2 wild, 1500 neko gold, 20 Gem Mythic non nft
  • TOP 2: 1 box 2 wild, 1200 neko gold, 16 Gem Mythic non nft
  • TOP 3: 1 box 2 wild, 1000 neko gold, 14 Gem Mythic non nft
  • TOP 4: 1 box 2 wild, 800 neko gold, 12 Gem Mythic non nft
  • TOP 5: 1 box 2 wild, 640 neko gold, 10 Gem Mythic non nft

Gifts when reaching the point:

  • 150 neko gold: 60 neko gold
  • 750 neko gold: 150 neko gold
  • 1500 neko gold: 300 neko gold, 1 Gem Mythic non nft
  • 3000 neko gold: 600 neko gold, 3 Gem Mythic non nft
  • 10000 neko gold: 1000 neko gold, 5 Gem Mythic non nft, 1 box 1 wild, 1 box 2 wild
  • 20000 neko gold: 1500 neko gold, 5 Gem Mythic non nft, 3 box 1 wild, 1 box 2 wild
  • 50000 neko gold: 2000 neko gold, 10 Gem Mythic non nft, 3 box 1 wild, 1 box 2 wild, 1 box 3 wild.

Especially, users have to take note that gifts will be added up. For example, when you reach the point of burning 50.000 gold, you will receive the gifts at that point and every previous point.

Breed Price Change

According to the market price and the demand to improve the values of Nekos, the Ninneko project team decided to change the breed price as follows:

Nino Hold Quantity Change

Ninnekeo has realized that the old point of claiming MATA is no longer appropriate in the current market situation, causing our trainers to focus less on claiming MATA. The changes in the point of NINO hold and the point of claiming MATA will solve the aforementioned problems.

Users are totally satisfied with this update and give much praise to the project. Let us stay tuned for any special surprise from Ninneko in its birthday month!

About Ninneko

Ninneko is a P2E game featuring NFT characters in forests and mystery villages.

The NFT characters (cats) have a unique combination of hair, tail, ears, eyes, mouth, and hands. The BSC-based role-playing game involves nurturing the cat character Ninneko and fighting enemies in the player-versus-player or player-versus-enemy battles. The platform also features a high utility token for using various features in the game. Ninneko stands out from regular Idle games with its Breeding system, where players can enjoy the game using diverse characters.

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