GAMI World - a Progressive GameFi Launchpad

An innovative launchpad and incubator built for launching the most promising gaming-based projects in the Decentralized Finance industry.

Where Will Little Baby Doge Be in 1 Year?

The project seeks to build its own unique use case that lets it stand above other meme coins.

Scary Games - a Complete Play-to-Earn GameFi Ecosystem

The platform has several collaborations that help maximize their value to players, all while maintaining a very low cost of entry.

XTime - Keeping the Greater Good of Children First in Mind

Along with a BTC-centered dividends system to reward users, the project seeks to improve child education procedures in El Salvador.

Velorex - Bringing DeFi to the Real World

The innovative crypto ATM machines the company is developing add sizable value to the upside of the project.

TCAKE - Developing a Dual-Token Model With Baby TCAKE

The new token (BTCAKE) will contribute to deflation in the TCAKE ecosystem, working together to create a sustainable ecosystem.

Lucky Lion and LatteSwap Partnership Lets You Stake Your Favorite $BEAN

Latte Swap has introduced their newest platform product, DripBar, and the launch will be officialized by a collaboration between them and Lucky Lion.

BODAV2 - the Hyper Deflationary Buy-Back Token That Rewards Holders in BUSD

The stablecoin rewards for holders give BODA V2 a distinct edge in terms of incentives over many projects.

XCarnival - a Premium Metaverse Liquidation Aggregator

The project offers a series of unique borrowing and lending opportunities, demonstrating their belief that “anything can be collateral”.

XCarnival Has Launched on Binance Smart Chain

The project offers a unique liquidity solution for NFTs and long-tail crypto assets, and has garnered significant attention after their recent launch.

Dragon Mainland’s Fire Dragon Egg NFTs Sell Out in 3 Seconds

The speed at which the NFTs sold out is a promising sign for a project seeking to become an industry leader in GameFi.

Clam Island - A Pearl NFT Hunt With Real Value

The Clam Island event allows a Pearl NFT to be redeemed for a real-life pearl necklace at Tiffany & Co valued at up to $10,000.

The CoinSwap DEX to Launch Mining on October 20th for BSC Users

The launch is part of their initiative to become one of the top-tier exchanges available on Binance Smart Chain.

Little Baby Doge - More Than the Average Meme Coin

Combining the popularity of memes with a noble cause, Little Baby Doge seeks to provide goodwill in a climate of negativity.

Highly-Treasured Maye Musk “Diamonds Are Forever” NFT Listed for Charity Auction

All of the proceeds from the auction will go to Binance Charity and their TreeMillions initiative as the Radio Caca (RACA) team is determined to make a difference beyond the crypto industry.

Galaxy Heroes Coin - Own Your Own Superhero NFT

The project offers a superhero-themed ecosystem centered around NFTs and passive income earning.

Blue Horizon - Gamify DeFi with NFTs

Blue Horizon seeks to create an artist-centered ecosystem that allows creators and collectors to maximize the potential in their NFTs through yield farming, token swaps, gamification, and more.

Premier League Stars Launch Digital Collectables With Sportemon Go

The collaboration was made possible by the global marketplace for sports and entertainment talent, Pickstar.

Radio Caca Announced as Binance Smart Chain MVBIII Monthly Star

The GameFi/Metaverse project won the prestigious award for the month of September, highlighting its rapid growth and further affirming its prominence in the space.

Little Baby Doge - The Newest Member of the Doge Family

The platform focuses on climate activism, leveraging the accessibility of blockchain technology via the Internet.

How Demole - a Blockchain RPG - Plans to Change the NFT Gaming Industry

Demole seeks to change the way that blockchain gaming is approached, centering its attention on creating a self-sustaining product that appeals to gamers and investors alike.

Depth.Fi - The Trusted Stablecoin & BNB Asset Manager on Binance Smart Chain & HECO

The utility that the ecosystem gives to stablecoins gives them a niche in an often volatile crypto landscape, as Depth shows a way to boost stablecoin yield in a secure manner.

CURE Token - Healing Through Crypto

The project has a truly admirable mission to raise funding to benefit research into cures for childhood cancer.

ACryptoS Launches 5-Token Pool for Feeder Finance

The unique pool offers a combination of 5 tokens instead of the usual 2, as well as a mix between larger and smaller cap tokens.

Lithium Ventures - Continuing to Push Their Platform Forward

With upgrades to their staking contract, partnership with Polygon, and multiple successful IDOs, Lithium is making headway in the DeFi space.

PancakePunks NFT Project to Launch on Friday

The set of unique NFTs created by fans of PancakeSwap and CryptoPunks will be available on PancakeSwap’s NFT marketplace as well as Binance NFT.

One Button Trading - Letting AI Technology Maximize Your Portfolio

The unique ecosystem seeks to mitigate losses and maximize profits, all through the power of intelligent, automated trading bots.

BeagleCake - CAKE-Based Reflection Token and NFT Marketplace

The project seeks to leverage the PancakeSwap user base and popularity by offering CAKE-based rewards to its users.

Simplifying DeFi - ProjectOasis

ProjectOasis focuses on simplifying user experience in an effort to bridge DeFi concepts together.

Portify - Social Media on the Blockchain

The project merges trading and other DeFi concepts with a social media platform titled Byte.

BeGlobal - DeFi For the Future

The BeGlobal ecosystem seeks to innovate in the same vein as tech giants like Google and Apple, eschewing flashy marketing for innovative and utilitarian principles.

Revault To Launch Its Yield Maximizer Platform On October 13th

Revault’s launch date is unveiled as the project continues to grow and secure collaboration with leading launchpads.

Little Baby Doge - The Newest Member of the Doge Family

The platform focuses on climate activism, leveraging the accessibility of blockchain technology via the Internet.

BNBFactor - Stake and Earn Yields

The platform has seen exponential growth over the last month, attributable to the slew of benefits users can obtain through staking and an excellent Affiliate program.

MemeKiller Previews NFT-Based Game, Mystery Box Launch

Their self-proclaimed mission to “kill all sh*t coins” revolves around their play-to-earn rewards and 3D gameplay

Multi-Collateral Stablecoin $USDO Now Backed by Yield-Generating Assets

The process is an industry innovation by OpenDAO, giving even further utility to stablecoins through a unique minting scheme.

Space SIP - An Incubation NFT Project of Poolz

Space SIP is the first NFT Game to receive a grant through the Poolz Grant Program.

APWars - Expand Your Reach Through wLand in the Arcadia Expansion

The new expansion introduces a world-building experience with an emphasis on building a long term playable medieval universe.

ApeRocket to Launch V2 and New Tokenomics

The new vaults offer a unique rewards path as well as vault asset strategies that are fresh to Binance Smart Chain.

Increasing the Stability of the Utopia Peer-to-Peer Network

The main focus of the new stability is to increase the privacy measures taken for their user base.

biMEX and biDEFI dETF Funds Launch, Marketing Position Open at BiShares

Along with the new funds to invest in, the company is seeking a dedicated member of their community to join the team!

Cirus Foundation Announces Genesis Beta Program

The waiting list is now open for beta access, which will allow users access to a number of features on the platform.

Hugo Finance’s Upcoming GameFi NFT Drop

The drop allows users to customize their selections with a variety of options.

Buff Doge Coin Will Make Its 6th Burn September 29th

The burns double in size with each iteration, serving as a hyper-deflationary tactic.

DefiXBet (DXB) Launches Innovative Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Gaming/Casino Platform with DeFi Features

The peer-to-peer functionality relies on smart contracts to ensure fairness and transparency for all of its gamers.

SoccerHub’s IDO Whitelist is Now Available For Registration

Only 1 day remains to join the SoccerHub IDO whitelist on 3 launchpads: Redkite, Poolz, and Duckstarter!

Ratoken - Immersive Play-to-Earn MMORPG GameFi Experience

Ratoken is the first 3D-MMORPG GameFi on the Binance Smart Chain network, combining deflationary mechanisms into the gameplay.
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