Dive Into DeFi

Dive Into Defi: How to Survive Market Volatility

Until proven otherwise, flash crashes should be expected by all crypto traders and investors.

Dive Into DeFi: What Are My Top 3 Binance Smart Chain Picks for August?

The market got hot the last couple of weeks of July, and I am looking to add some bullish positions to capture capital appreciation and yields.

What is Decentralized Finance Why "DeFi" Will Explode in the 2020s

A frank look at why decentralized finance has a near-unmeasurable ceiling.

Dive Into DeFi: Level Up Your Traditional Investing with Mirror Finance on Terra

Mirror Protocol offers synthetic stocks on Terra that boast market-beating yields! How can the average user leverage these services?

Dive Into Defi: My Personal Takeaways from WSB and GME Part 2: Be Your Own Bank

I want to build my own investment bank aimed at providing a high return on investment via yield. This gets tricky while preserving my main goal, minimal capital risk -- whatever that means in crypto.

Dive Into Defi: I’m In It For The People

When I first took the time to learn about cryptocurrency, or blockchain specifically, what really caught my attention was not the promise of Lambos on the moon or even the tech, what stood out to me was what the tech-enabled: People.

Dive Into DeFi: Buy, Hold, Earn, Compound. Welcome to DeFi (Part 2)

Part one of this two-part mini-series was about setting up MetaMask and bringing some BNB into the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. This article will focus on setting up your first yield-earning liquidity positions that you can earn with and compound over time.

Dive Into DeFi: A Beginners Guide to Buy, Hold, Earn, and Compound. Welcome to DeFi (Part 1)

One of my personal goals is to always have a fairly simplified yield farming strategy that compounds the positions that I am bullish on while not taking unnecessary risk.

Dive Into DeFi: Don’t Forget About ETH DeFi, On The Binance Smart Chain

I am expecting to see both ETH Defi and BSC Defi continue to grow, and I am not trying to pick favorites. I think every BSC portfolio should have a healthy allocation to Ethereum and its related projects.

Dive Into DeFi: It’s Time For A Serious Conversation (Don’t Be a Degen Part 2)

I have seen a lot of community members active in our BSC.News telegram channel asking whether projects are safe, rug proof, good investments, etc. I’m just going to be honest in addressing this question in this article.

Dive Into DeFi: Don’t Be A Maximalist

It is essential to take a broad look at the market and listen to what people are saying. I am seeing diehard supporters of both ETH and BSC DeFi ecosystems. GREAT!

Dive Into DeFi: Next on my Meal Plan: Kebab Finance

Kebab Finance has put together a unique yield farming opportunity, and I’m obviously excited to get a strategy running on it. The team appears to be aggressively building, and I am looking forward to what they put out next. 

Dive Into DeFi: My Personal Takeaways from WSB and GME Part 1: Change Your Outlook

After the dust settled, I noticed the mechanics of everything playing in the background. This is what really stood out to me. And then I came to the realization:

Dive Into Defi: ETH 2 Staking Is Live on BSC

Binance has found yet another way to provide innovation on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) through the delivery of ETH 2.0 staking rewards.

Dive Into DeFi: Amazon, Tesla, Google, and Netflix Have Entered The Chat

Earlier this week, PancakeSwap announced mAsset trading and farms in collaboration with Mirror Protocol. This will allow users to trade synthetic Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, and Google shares.

Dive Into Defi: Why Are BSC Yields So High?

For now, the growth of the ecosystem is outpacing the inflow of funds, keeping rates high and earning potential intact. I’m going to get it while the getting’s good and wait for market efficiency to catch up.

Dive Into Defi: Yield Farm Portfolio Strategy (Part 3)

Parts 1 and 2 of the Yield Farm Portfolio Strategy focused on building the concept, and Part 3 now demonstrates a way to run a strategy geared towards the following: Capital preservation, Compounding yield, Position building, and Profit taking.

Dive Into DeFi: Yield Farm Portfolio Strategy (Part 1)

Get ready to enter the mind of a madman, in this three-part series KCrypto will dive into his yield farming portfolio. This part explains the base liquidity pairs involved in the strategy.

Dive Into DeFi: Don't Be A Degen

This weekly edition of Dive Into DeFi serves as a warning, or at least a suggestion… Don’t be a degen. 

Dive Into DeFi: The “Smart” Compound Earnings Machine

Join KCrypto on his Dive Into De-Fi where he explores the benefits of liquidity providing (LPing) in comparison to other investment vehicles and strategies

Dive Into DeFi: THORChain's Road to Asgardex

THORChain is a decentralized cross-chain liquidity network that provides seamless token swaps without the use of wrapped assets and pegged tokens.

Dive Into DeFi: Liquidity Pools Explained

Take a Dive into DeFi with KCrypto, explaining all the basics revolving around liquidity pools

Dive Into Defi: Yield Farm Portfolio Strategy (Part 2)

Part two of this three-part series is all about building spot positions that either: auto-compound, harvest more yield, or both. The key here is, they all keep earning. 
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