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Radio Caca Completes Several Institutional Partnerships, Launches First Game

New partnerships position the company to build out a metaverse successfully.

Yooshi Confirms 59% of Circulating Token Supply Is Burned

The Binance Smart Chain project boasts of impressive features, including a unique token burn mechanism.

DeRace NFTs Announces 10-Day Marketing Push

The event will promote the growth of the $DERC token while also paving the way for important announcements.

Top Five Binance Smart Chain Play-To-Earn 7-Day Recap

It’s that time of the week to review the best performing play-to-earn games on BSC as per volumes in the past week.

BSC News Presents: Battle of The dApps

A new show from BSC News invites 9 top BSC projects to participate in a month-long competition. Who will rise to become the BSC News dApp King?

Immunefi Adds Two More Projects to Priority One Bounty Program on BSC

Priority One is the largest of its kind and is run by one of the leading bounty facilitators in all of DeFi.

Binance Ends Trading and Other Activities for South Africans

Users from the African nation have until 2022 to close their accounts as Binance users feel the regulatory grip tighten once again.

TEN Finance Announce YIELDEX and TEN Lots Learn and Earn Campaign

Be sure to check out all three videos for a chance to win!

Step Hero Teams Up With CoinMarketCap for NFT Giveaway

The pair have teamed up for an exclusive NFT airdrop campaign, with 100 HERO NFTs to be won.

BiSwap ReAdjusts Fee Rebates for Token Holders

BiSwap announces an adjustment to its Fee Return mechanism after a thorough analysis. Now Supports BEP-20 Tokens

The exchange includes several tokens in the standard compatible with Binance Smart Chain.

Elemon Introduces NFT Marketplace Before Game Launch

Elemon's NFT marketplace is the start of significant upcoming developments on the NFT GameFi protocol.

BakerySwap Expands Featured Artists to Grow NFT Creator Pool

BakerySwap is expanding the number of featured artists in its creator pool, bringing increased exposure to the best creative talent on Binance Smart Chain.

High Fashion Moves Toward NFT Market

From Burberry to Balmain, high fashion is beginning to take notice of the potential behind NFTs.

My DeFi Pet Update and Patches for Revamped Game

The update features several innovations to boost the protocol's adoption on Binance Smart Chain.

Binance Sets Sights on Ireland for New Headquarters

The touted move comes ahead of plans to establish a number of headquarters throughout the world.

Beefy.Finance Project Insight: The Leading BSC Yield Optimizer

The team at Beefy.Finance has taken the BSC by storm: Simultaneously dominating the yield optimizer market share and strengthening the BSC community.

Football Legend Michael Owen Joins DeRace Team

Former Ballon d’Or winner and horse racing enthusiast Michael Owen becomes the latest high profile name to join DeRace.

Baby Doge Coin Complete Brandon Brown Giveaway Following NASCAR Win

The winner of the Brandon Brown racing pack giveaway has been announced, with one lucky member of the Baby Doge Coin community receiving signed apparel from Brandon Brown.

New SciFi Game, CryptoMines, Blasts to Top of BSC P2E Charts

After beating several GameFi projects to the top spot on Binance Smart Chain, the game celebrates its top-notch achievement.

Poco Announces First Official NFT Offering on Babylons Marketplace

Poco reminds us there’s more than one crucial minting happening today as they become the very first NFT offering on Babylons Marketplace.

PancakeSquad NFTs Sees Record Numbers as Users Flock to Mint

PancakeSwap’s exclusive NFT Squad release sells out in mere seconds as volume soars.

Hot Cross Debuts Multichain Bulk Sender For Whale Transactions

Wintermute also appears as the official market maker and liquidity manager for the cross-chain solution.

EverRise Completes Bridge Between BSC, ETH, and Polygon

Innovative new smart contract idea highlights the new bridge made by the EverRise team.

Featured by Binance Announces Exclusive Balmain X ALTAVA NFT Collection

Featured by Binance’s latest NFT collection brings together a partnership with a fashion powerhouse.

MoniWar Whitelist Continues, Here’s How to Join New Project from Launchzone

The registration is ongoing, and every user stands a chance to win NFT rewards.

PancakeSwap Seeks NFT Creators for New Marketplace

Creators can now begin applying for the marketplace with their own NFTs.

HeroFi Announces Beta Whitelist for 10,000 Users

The new version would be exclusive to whitelisted users, and it promises lots of exciting features.

Beefy Finance and Moonpot DO NOT Tease NFT Launch

A slew of playful tweets by Beefy Finance and Moonpot indicate the release of forthcoming NFTs.

Binamon, Play-to-Earn, Launches On Android

After a long wait, the highly anticipated Binamon Mobile Application is finally here. However, the protocol has not disclosed its features.

BunnyPark Executes Major Farm Reduction, Announces Big Changes

In a major change for BunnyPark users, the protocol has announced a large reduction of liquidity farms.

ACryptoS Project Insight: Advanced Crypto Strategies

ACryptoS offers three products through the Binance Smart Chain (BSC): a yield optimizer termed ACryptoS Vaults, a stable coin DEX, termed ACryptoS StableSwap, and a regular DEX termed ACsi Finance.

Infinity Skies Prepares IGO and Land Minting Launch on BSC

Infinity Skies is a protocol is to look out for on Binance Smart Chain as it prepares to launch its first Initial Gaming Offering.

LOM Ecosystem Sees Significant Revamp With NFT Staking Introduced

The Itam Games and Prunebomb collaborate to give LOM 's ecosystem a restructure along with an incentivization mechanism.

Binance.US Now Accepts Direct BEP-20 Token Deposits and Withdraws

The change signals a move toward easier accessibility for US users.

Feed Every Gorilla Teases Launch of New DeFi Chart, FEG Charts

FEGcharts unveiled as the project continues to grow and accomplish the initial goals that were set out.

ApeSwap Announces NFA Staking For Late October

The proposed date for launching the NFA staking pools has drawn mixed reactions from the ApeSwap community.

TEN Finance Prepares TEN Lots to Boost Token Use Cases

Added utility for the TENFI token will be ensured by using a percentage of the deposits from upcoming YIELDEX index funds.

Doxxed, Kidnapped, and Left for Dead - The Harrowing Story Behind A Binance Investor

Binance reached out to a user who claims a story involving kidnapping, theft, and attempted murder.

PancakeSwap Officially Launches its NFT Marketplace, Takes on NFT Industry

Fresh from launch, the PancakeSwap NFT marketplace has already taken a place among the top-ranked marketplaces.

DeRace to Launch Stables Marketplace Exclusive to Token Holders

GameFi is growing on Binance Smart Chain, and DeRace is one of the numerous GameFi protocols experiencing tremendous growth.

Binance Smart Chain Processes 10x Transactions at a Fraction of Ethereum Costs

Research confirms what Binance Smart Chain users already know: BSC is hugely scalable and affordable, especially when compared to Ethereum.

Lossless DeFi Helps Recover $16.7M of CREAM Finance Exploit

CREAM Finance was more than happy to part with bounty after pivotal Lossless assistance returns funds.

PancakeSwap Opens PancakeSquad NFT Presale to Gen 0 Holders

After much anticipation, PancakeSquad NFTs is set to hit the market this October.

Top Samsung Gaming CEO Recruited To Lead Yooshi Labs

Yooshi Labs gets its first CEO, further consolidating the growth of the Yooshi metaverse.

RealFevr's Second NFT Sale Goes Live, Sells Out in Five Hours

RealFevr saw 36,000 NFT packs snapped up by collectors in a successful second sale.

NFTb and Binance NFT Come Together Liquidity and Exposure Partnership

The partnership will add liquidity to NFT collections while also exposing creators to potential investors on BSC.
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