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Venus Makes Chainlink Sole Oracle Provider For Markets

The full implementation of Chainlink will grant Venus users a series of benefits.

Fee Transparency: Beefy Finance and Autofarm Release Fee Data

Understanding how fees operate in the crypto landscape is crucial to fully participate in Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and transparency allows for quick user comprehension.

Alchemy Toys: NFT + MMPOG + DeFi Squeezed Into the Classic Alchemy Game

Alchemy brings gaming and NFTs away from mere NFT creations. The platform is releasing a new wave of MMORPG gaming concepts combined with NFTs and Decentralized Finance.

BSCStarter to Host XOLO Finance IDO

XOLO IDO will be launching on BSCstarter V3, with the team releasing an updated schedule ahead of the launch. Here’s the scoop on the launch.

Ten Finance Sells Out Within 10 Minutes But Must Redeploy Token Contract

Ten Finance sold out all tokens available upon its launching within the first ten minutes on Tuesday. The launch, however, was not successful as the farm contracts could not access the minter function.

WaultSwap Heading Towards Top 5 in Dex Volume After 20% Correction

After the release of a few key products in April, Wault Finance is seeing tremendous growth. Let’s dive into some of the contributing factors for this rise.

Binance Smart Chain Faces Increased Congestion, How To Navigate High Volume Days

As more users adopt DeFi, network congestion will remain a problem not only on Ethereum but BSC as well. There are measures users can take to avoid loss of time during moments of network congestion on the Binance Smart Chain.

The Launch of bDex Sees Immediate Success

bDex has had immediate success after launch, pushing past $40M Total Value Locked (TVL). Let’s take a look at their hot start.

Swamp Finance Releases Updated Roadmap As Platform Approaches $200M TVL

Yield optimization platform Swamp Finance has dropped a new update of its plans for the remainder of the year. The roadmap features a lot of exciting plans for development across the rest of 2021.

Joselito and Venus Tease a Big XVS Burn

Founder and owner of both Swipe Wallet and Venus protocol have just hinted at a possible $XVS big burn in the history of the token burn via his Twitter handle. This could lead Venus token to another new ATH in the coming days.

Crypto Doggies IDO on Bakery Swap

The Crypto Doggies IDO is set to launch with BakerySwap on BSC, combining dog memes, crypto punks, and NFT collectibility. In total, 5 billion $DOGGY will be minted and can be exchanged for 10,000 different types of dog NFTs.

Blizzard Money Soon to Release SnowBank Alongside Gale Token

Blizzard Money has set a date — the 14th of May for SnowBank integration. With this, there will be more gain with less work for investors and automatic yield generation.

An In-Depth Look Into Belt Finance's 4Belt & BeltTokens

Automated market maker and yield-optimisation protocol Belt Finance launched its protocol with a very successful initial farm offering. In this article, we take a close look at the project’s $4Belt and beltTokens.

Binance Continues to Dominate the Exchange Space in Both Volume and Traffic

Binance has been dominating the Decentralized Exchange landscape recently. Here is a review of the factors behind their success.

WaultSwap Continues Setting All-Time Highs as TVL Surpasses 1B

Wault Finance continues in its record-setting streak since the launch of its WaultSwap exchange platform. The yield aggregator and automated market maker (AMM) platform recently crossed the Total Value Locked (TVL) of $1 Billion.

Mirror Launches $mCOIN and $UST on PancakeSwap

Mirror Finance will be launching their $mCOIN and $UST assets on PancakeSwap. Let’s talk about this Binance Smart Chain (BSC) project news while it’s hot!

Community Votes for May Migration Madness, UP to UNFI Migration #5

The Unifi Protocol community has expressed its desire to see migrations via voting referendums. Unifi has responded by releasing the details of a proposed "May Migration Madness" by the community.

PancakeSwap Offering 3M+ In Rewards Through Three New Farms and Syrup Pools

Pancakeswap users can stake their $CAKE on either or all of TRX, WIN, and BTT syrup pools. Users can harvest these tokens and trade them on the platform at any time.

OxBull Hosts Its 11th IDO Featuring CATECOIN

OxBull has introduced another decentralized finance (DeFi) project to its blockchain incubator. The Binance Smart Chain-based startup will host meme platform CATECOIN in its 11th Initial DEX Offering (IDO).

Anyswap Rallies Over 90% as Multichain Swaps Continue to Grow

The $ANY token, the currency of the Anyswap platform recently enjoyed a price upsurge of over 90% in the past week. The price upsurge may suggest that multi-chain swaps are gaining traction in the crypto space.

AutoFarm Updates Venus Vault Situation, Potential Funds Await Investors

Autofarm has suggested that its users in Venus vaults withdraw their funds. This advice is part of Autofarm's recovery plans in the wake of severe complications its assets experienced in Venus Vaults, which affected the compounding of assets and withdrawal.

New Syrup Pools Require PancakeSwap Users to Re-Stake in New Contracts

PancakeSwap AMM has created a number of syrup pools deployed by new contracts and is discontinuing existing pools. As part of the integration of these new contracts, PancakeSwap is requiring users to re-stake their tokens.

ValueDefi vSwap Pool Contract Exploited in String of Hacks

The latest hack on May 7th at 07:41:39 PM +UTC has drained 11M USD from the vSwap contract liquidity pools, making it the platform's third exploit. The ecosystem is threatened with this type of event becoming rampant in recent times.

Billion Happiness Launching NFT Marketplace Geared Towards Artists

Billion Happiness is launching their Binance Smart Chain NFT marketplace! Let’s talk about that.

MetaMask Adds Built-In PancakeSwap Feature

MetaMask has added PancakeSwap into their built-in token swap! Here is some information about the integration and potential effects for users.

JGN Reaches All-Time High as Binance Enters the NFT Space

Juggernaut (JGN) has reached a new All Time High! Let’s talk about why the project is seeing so much growth recently.

SafeMoon Resumes Rally, Surpasses 1.5 Million Holders

SafeMoon is seeing tremendous price rallying despite controversy surrounding the safety of their project code. Here’s a look at how the rise has happened and a look at the results.

MDEX Introduces NFT Mascot Campaign as NFT Craze Continues

MDEX launched its NFT mascot campaign on May 6th in a bid to offer exclusive opportunities to design enthusiasts and reignite artist passion for the trend. Let’s dive into that!

ApeSwap Continues “Non-Fungible Apes” Distribution on NFTKEY

ApeSwap has seen recent speculation as they branch out into the NFT market. Let’s dive into what these non-fungible assets are and what it means for the project.

PancakeSwap Launches CAKE Swag in PCS Store, First Two Rounds of Sales Have Been Donated

PancakeSwap has announced that it has donated all the proceeds from the sale of its merch. PancakeSwap had already carried out two rounds of sales and all the proceeds were donated to Give well.

WAULTX Rallies Over 100% as Third Presale Nears

WaultX, even post-migration from $WAULT to $WAULTX, have seen substantial growth in value. Let’s take a look at some of the factors behind their solid improvement.

Alpaca Finance Users Double as the Protocol Crosses $2 Billion TVL

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) protocol Alpaca Finance has seen tremendous growth in a short amount of time. Let’s dive into some of the contributing factors for this rise.

Beefy Finance Launches Vaults on Polygon

Beefy has announced the integration of yield optimization vaults to the Polygon Network, formerly known as Matic Chain. This integration means Beefy now has vaults on 4 different blockchains.

Wault Swap Revamps Burn Process, Allocating 100% of Protocol Fees to WEX Holders

Wault Finance has announced that 100% of WSwap's trading fees will move to buy back and burn WEX. Currently, the protocol will use approximately $32,000 to buy and burn WEX daily — 0.02% of the daily trading volume.

bEarn Fi Releases April Update Displaying Continuous Innovation

bEarn has released its monthly wrap-up for April 2021. The wrap-up included updates about their AMA, bFolio, multi-pegs, bLending, and bPower.

As Fantom Continues to Grow, Will Other EVM Chains Outpace the BSC?

The market cap of Fantom ($FTM) has exceeded $2 billion with expectations of reaching its previous high of $0.8444 per $FTM any day. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible blockchain allows transactions to be completed in 1 second, meaning that it is a premier choice for developers. The question now is: will this growth be continued across other EVM projects?

PancakeSwap Proposes $CAKE Emission Reductions

PancakeSwap has proposed a reduction in $CAKE emissions every month in order to slow inflation. Holders of CAKE will have the opportunity to vote monthly to reduce CAKE emissions.

DODO Introduces Fractional NFTs Through DODO NFT

On May 4th, BreederDODO announced the launch of DODO NFT. DODO NFT aims to help small investors and collectors in the NFT ecosystem overcome their inability to purchase their most desired items due to prohibitive prices. DODO NFT will fractionalize NFTs to reduce investor costs, meaning that NFTs will be available to a wider purchase base.

Most Valuable Builder (MVB) II, A Focus on NFTs

After a successful launch of its first-ever MVB accelerator program in February this year, the BSC has announced the start of the second edition. The focus of the MVB accelerator program is to help innovative NFTs and Defi projects.

Over 5M Cake Burned in The Largest PancakeSwap Weekly Burn

PancakeSwaps deflationary mechanisms are in full swing. A tweet from the official PancakeSwap Twitter account on May 3rd stated that the exchange bought $7.8M of $CAKE back from the market in trading and prediction fees.

NERVE Launches rUSD Metapool Alongside Partnership with Ramp‍

NERVE is an AMM that focuses on and optimizes trading stablecoins with minimal slippage. It has announced it will partner with DeFi lending protocol RAMP. 

Refinable Announces Big Bang NFT Competition, Calling All Artists

Refinable is a newly launched NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. They just recently announced its NFT competition calling all artists in the BSC space, tagged the Big Bang NFT competition.

Wault x Eleven Finance Partnership as WSwap Nears 200M TVL

WSwap users now have an easy option to create Liquidity Pools (LPs) and add them to the corresponding vault using Eleven Finance. Users can stake LP tokens in the Eleven Finance vaults and earn ELE for increased rewards.

BAKE Increases 380% in the last 7-days Alongside 20x Increase in Transaction Volume

BAKE experienced a 380% gain over the last seven days alongside a 20x increase in volume. BakerySwap continues to display why it is the hub of most NFT activities on the BSC chain.

Helmet Dives Into NFTs: Gacha Game

The protocol introduced a jigsaw game in version 1 of Pixel Puzzle called "Fight for Dora." Pixel Puzzle is an NFT Gacha game with surprise mechanics that allows users to scoop the final jackpot.

MDEX Overtakes BurgerSwap and PancakeSwap in DEX Ranking

Maintaining a daily volume of more than $1.6 billion coming 2nd to Uniswap $1.7 billion, the HECO-based multichain MDEX has surpassed BurgerSwap and PancakeSwap. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network Dex is now taking over 23% of the market share.

XPool Announces Testnet Plus Important Updates for Mainnet

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based Decentralized Finance platform, X-pool has announced the deployment of its Testnet. The deployment of the Testnet features is to aid in ensuring that the Mainnet is launched without any hitch. The launch date for its Mainnet will now be May 8, 2021.
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