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Binance US CEO Addresses Community for First Time Since Appointment

The new CEO hope to move on from the past and ensure that consumers take center stage in foreseeing developments at Binance.US.

Mastercard Forges Partnership In Asia for Bitcoin Payment Cards

Deck: Mastercard finds regional partners in Asia to introduce crypto payment cards as its survey on consumers reveals such a need.

VeVe Celebrates Disney Plus with Golden Moments NFT Drop

First-ever NFTs by Pixar dropped, as mass adoption draws ever closer.

Axie Infinity Opens Season 19 of the Axie Arena

The rewards pool for the current season has been updated to 3000 AXS, valued at around $400,000. Ready for season 19!

Binance CEO, CZ, Elaborates on Exchange's European Expansion

Binance’s CEO eyes France as a natural choice for its European expansion plan by establishing its headquarters within the local jurisdiction Debuts Missions Program for Massive Daily Rewards

Users will have a chance to take a crack at Mystery Boxes with rewards over $1000 USD.

Discord CEO Teases App Integration With Ethereum

Citron’s hint came in response to a famous writer who suggested that Discord embrace Web 3 network.

NBA Legend Tracy McGrady Partners with Binance NFT for NFT Series

McGrady’s first NFT project is an airdrop paired with the V2.0 release of Arche Network.

Will MetaMask Launch a $MASK Token?

Joe Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys, has teased that MetaMask could be set to launch its own token.

Coinbase Preps Plans for NFT Marketplace Similar to Instagram in Q3 Report

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong offered some new details on Coinbase NFT in his Q3 address to investors on Tuesday.

Sky Mavis Launch Mobile Ronin Wallet

Sky Mavis, creators of Axie Infinity, launched a mobile version of their Ronin wallet, this will give economic access to a big part of their userbase that don't have a personal computer.

Again, Bitcoin and Ethereum Hit New All-Time Highs

Bitcoin and Ethereum smashed their previous all-time highs today, leading the crypto market capitalization past the $3 trillion mark.

MetaForce Comics to Launch Comic Book Series Based on Alien Worlds Metaverse

Alien Worlds Missions recently ventured to Binance Smart Chain, now Alien Worlds is coming to print thanks to MetaForce.

Ledger Wallet Frustrates Users With Kinks in the Nano X Firmware 2.0.0 Update

Ledger updates for Nano X falls short as users clamor on YouTube for solutions.

Immutable X Building NFT Powerhouse on ETH Layer-2

Behind major deals with recognizable groups, Immutable X looks to solve Ethereum’s efficiency problems.

Mythical Games Receives Funding from Binance, FTX, Michael Jordan, and More

The funds will accelerate the platform’s development in the GameFi industry, as it looks to create a gaming ecosystem filled with the best Play-to-Earn NFT games.

NYC Mayor to Take Salary in Bitcoin, Wants Crypto-Friendly City

Politicians are giving Bitcoin the vote of confidence as New York’s mayor-elect, Eric Adams agrees to take his first three paychecks in Bitcoin, following the footsteps of Miami’s mayor, Francis Suarez

Binance Pivots Toward Europe: Hire New Exec and Commits €100 Million to French Fintech

Binance announces its new high-level hire for its European operation and launches an initiative named ‘Operation Moon’ with France Fintech

DeFi Heroes: Chainlink Secures Over $75 Billion

The total value secured places the oracle solutions provider as the number one on-chain data provider in the decentralized finance industry.

Binance Lists BinaryX (BNX) in the Innovation Zone

The team at BinaryX is building a game platform for the long term and the listing by Binance recognizes the innovation possibilities.

Decentral Games Sells Out ICE Wearables, Native $DG Token Soaring

The metaverse by Decentral continues to grow into an unavoidable party!

US President Biden's Working Group Bullish On Stablecoins

Biden’s Working Group on Financial Market maintains a bullish outlook on stablecoins but proposes to impose bank-like regulations.

Seven Uncut Scenes From Tarantino Classic 'Pulp Fiction' Coming To NFTs

The unique mystery surrounding the film’s content makes this release even more irresistible.

Another All-Time High From ETH During UP-Only Season

The ETH token led the altcoin rally to hit a fresh all-time high on Nov. 2, tokens like XRP, SOL, and DOT follow in suit as well.

Binance Labs Incubates New ‘Star Sharks’ Marine Pet Game

Binance Labs will use the investment to develop the GameFi metaverse while improving the gaming sector on Binance Smart Chain.

Australian Securities Regulator Issues Crypto ETF Guidelines

ASIC shows openness by issuing a guideline for crypto ETPs and acknowledging regulatory limitations.

Crypto Apps Top Downloads Across Mobile App Stores in the United States

As Matt Damon becomes’s brand ambassador, the exchange’s smartphone application reached number 1 on the Google Play Store.

Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Makes An Elaborate Post on "Crypto Cities"

Buterin explored the concept in detail, along with providing updates on any ongoing developments in the space.

Ubisoft Announces Plan to Develop Blockchain Gaming

The traditional gaming giant has already been taking key steps behind the scene to position itself as an industry leader in the new technology.

Investor's $8,000 of $SHIB Becomes Incredible $5.7 billion in Barely 1 Year

Barely a year-old investment returns massive gains to one maverick investor by turning $8,000 into $5.7 billion.

Moon Gurl Rugs $IslaInu Community, Can't Walk The Talk

Poor decisions by the devs and the influencer show that crypto is still very much in the wild west.

Ethereum sets a New All-Time High as Traders Price In Possible ETH-ETF Approval

Ethereum surpasses $510 billion in Market Cap after surpassing a new all-time high with some bullish news expected from the SEC.

AC Milan Launches First NFTs by Chilliz and

The first Socios NFT will open a world of utility and fan engagement moving forward.

NBA Legend Allen Iverson Has NFT Collection Debut on Four Platforms

The Binance 100 Creators initiatives are seeing dividends as the top NBA players attract attention to various platforms.

VeVe Seals Massive NFT Deal for Disney and Disney+ Collectibles

VeVe has inked a deal with Disney granting it the rights to create “golden moments” NFTs as the house of mouse gears up towards its Disney+ Day celebrations on November 12th.

FTX Buys Super Bowl Ad Space, Spokesman Tom Brady Gifts Bitcoin

Star power and impressive marketing campaign have helped FTX boom to mainstream appeal.

Mt. Gox Victims to Receive $Billions 7 Years After Infamous Hack

The long and tortuous Mt. Gox saga is finally coming to an end. How has crypto changed since then, and what does it mean for Binance Smart Chain?

MetaMask Updates Ledger Wallet Connections, Brings Easier Accessibility

Following community feedback, MetaMask is updating ledger wallet connections to be entirely in-browser.

Korean Teachers’ Credit Union, Manager of $47 Billion, Denies Rumours of Bitcoin Investment

Korean Teachers’ Credit Union (KTCU) issued a statement quashing rumors of its interest in Bitcoin ETF

Cyber City Genesis Event Brings Together 10 Partner Clans

The event will feature 10,000 unique NFTs distributed across different communities in NFT and DeFi ecosystems.

US Regulators Set Sights on Reigning in Stablecoins

US Regulators will be policing cryptocurrency with its primary focus trained at stablecoins

Mastercard Announces Plan to Allow Merchants to Accept Bitcoin

Mastercard is going to a partnership with Bakkt, a platform by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) to enable merchants to receive BTC for services offered.

Baseball Legend Willie Mays Immortalized in NFTs for 90th Birthday

Legendary Hall of Famer and icons from the 2021 season debut in two different sales.

OpenOcean Launches New Atlantic Version to Upgrade Entire System

The Atlantic Version upgrades focus on accuracy and speed above all else.

Riding Squid Game Wave, K-pop Music TV Series becomes NFT Collection on Featured by Binance

The top Korean television program will have FanBox NFTs available to the results from weekly shows.

Vietnam Proving to be GameFi Hotbed as Titan Hunters Looks to Establish Itself

Play to Earn project Titan Hunters looks to establish itself with retro gameplay and plans to impact the NFT market.

Associated Press to Share Sports and Racing Data Sets With Chainlink

By sharing its data with Chainlink the Associated Press will increase its presence on the blockchain.
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