Are First Person Shooters the Next GameFi Craze?

As DeFi Direct welcomes Faraway, the team behind Mini Royale, to a live stream event on December 3rd at 5 PM UTC, we consider how first-person shooters may be the next GameFi craze.

CryptoMines Looks Ahead to 2022, Calms $ETERNAL FUD

While making efforts to clear the doubts raised by its token's price crash, the GameFi platform hopes to restore confidence in its future.

1inch Network Complete Massive $175 Million Funding Round

The raised funds will help the exchange aggregator to implement an ambitious program of protocol improvements and expansion plans.

BSC News Birthday Event Shares Stories of Company Origins

BSC News founders answered questions and told stories about meeting to hatch the idea that spawned the company.


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Elephant Money is an ecosystem built around a partially collateralized stable coin meant to simplify defi and stable yields for users. BT, the founder of Elephant Money joined Ben on the podcast to discuss the past, present, and future of his project. This episode is sponsored by Elephant Money
Boda V2 is an auto-yield generating token that seeks to provide investors with a stable yield through passive income paid out in Busd. Billy and Dave from the Boda V2 team joined Ben on the podcast to discuss their newly revamped project and things to look out for on the horizon. This episode of the podcast is sponsored by Boda V2
What started as a fight against pediatric cancer transformed into the goal of revolutionizing international healthcare. Jacob Beckley, the founder of Cure Token, joined Ben on the podcast to discuss early success and ambitious goals. This episode is sponsored by Cure Token

MCDEX Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds to Secure Its Decentralized Perpetual Contracts

The decentralized derivatives exchange will incorporate price data from Chainlink, allowing the project to scale at speed while maintaining strict security, reliability, and transparency standards.

CryptoCobain’s Poll Confirms AltCoins Are an Abyss for Users

Social media influencer, CryptoCobain in a poll on how most monies are lost in crypto investment points towards bad altcoin trades

BabyFrog - the First $USDT-Paying Gaming Platform

Backed by one of the largest stablecoins, BabyFrog is set to make an impact in the GameFi industry.

RadioCaca Marketplace Surges, Surpasses $100 Million in Trading Volume

Trading volume is on the rise but the RACA token price does not match.

Bishares Teases Cross-Chain Approach onto Cronos Network

Bishares is expanding its decentralized ETF ecosystem, and will integrate into Cronos Chain soon.

Binance Smart Chain Activates Real-time BNB Burning Mechanism

The approval real-time burning mechanism, originally proposed in October, will increase the burn rate for the BNB token.