Zoo Crypto World Set for Massive Gameplay Updates

New game modes and user interfaces headline the massive update in the Zoo Crypto World metaverse.

Enzo Martin
November 22, 2021
BSC News

One Step Closer

Zoo Crypto World has been teasing a massive gameplay update that will help bring the game out of its Beta Phase.

Zoo Crypto World, a metaverse jungle filled with DeFi, token farming, and PvP gameplay mechanics, has been teasing updates to its current gameplay. In a Tweet through its official Twitter account on November 20, Zoo Crypto World announced its biggest update to the game, along with a short sneak peek clip. The key updates featured in the tweet are Mega Meta mode, dungeon mode, and Idle and adventure fighting.

“The BIGGEST game update is coming to ZooCW on #BSC, and #MVBIII Here is a sneak peek which will introduce dungeon modes, IDLE, and adventure fighting! Get your $ZOO ready for a blast in the MEGA META mode coming to the metaverse. Check out ZooCW https://zoogame.finance,” Zoo Crypto World announced through Twitter.

Currently, all features of the metaverse can be accessed through their browser app. You can provide liquidity, stake assets, and purchase the different NFT cards there. Mining resources, PvE gameplay, and PvP gameplay are also accessed through the same platform. However, it seems that the combat systems are all done in an auto-battle or Idle gameplay based on calculations of the stats of your cards against that of your opponents rather than having an actual skill-based combat mechanic. 

The update being teased by Zoo Crypto World is huge because it will be the first step into seeing your NFT cards in action. It is indeed a step towards having a playable game. 

What is Zoo Crypto World?

Zoo Crypto World is a project on the Binance Smart Chain looking to gamify Decentralized Finance or DeFi protocols such as swapping and staking. The project also features a mining system and PvP and PvE combat that can be accessed through the acquisition of its NFTs. The game incentivizes active players by giving out daily, weekly, and monthly rewards based on PvP or PvE gameplay rankings, as well as adding mining power bonuses if you collect a certain set of NFTs. 

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Enzo Martin

Enzo is a proud Filipino with a master's degree in Economics from the International University of Japan. He is heavily invested in researching economic principles that govern the crypto and P2E space. Outside the blockchain network, Enzo plays various sports, loves to travel and takes a lot of photos. His heaviest bags are in Ethereum, NFTs, and multichain Play-to-Earn projects.

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