ZetaChain: Everything You Need to Know

by BSC News

August 18, 2023


Zetachain promises to revolutionize the industry with its omnichain capabilities, delivering true interoperability within the blockchain space.


  • ZetaChain offers a groundbreaking Layer1 blockchain enabling omnichain capabilities and seamless communication across all blockchains.
  • Built on the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint PBFT consensus engine, it boasts rapid transaction times and high scalability.
  • Features include decentralized operations, hyper-connected nodes, omnichain smart contracts, and managed external assets.
  • Led by Brandon Truong and backed by a strong team, ZetaChain has forged innovative partnerships and secured significant funding, cementing its place in the blockchain industry. 

In the rapidly evolving crypto and Decentalized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem, new platforms emerge promising revolutionary features and enhanced interoperability. Among them stands ZetaChain, a name that is increasingly resonating within the blockchain community. This article delves deep into the world of ZetaChain, shedding light on its architecture, functionalities, achievements, and the brains behind this promising blockchain.

What is ZetaChain?

ZetaChain is an innovative public Layer1 blockchain universe, bringing to life omnichain features, generic smart contracts, and seamless messaging across all blockchains. This ingenious creation bridges the gap between different blockchains, liberating the crypto and financial world from historical constraints. Imagine a universe where all blockchains are connected, offering the advantages of payments, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), security, privacy, and many more — This is what ZetaChain is looking to achieve.

ZetaChain operates on a Proof of Stake (PoS) foundation, leveraging the capabilities of the Cosmos SDK and the Tendermint PBFT consensus engine. 

What does this entail? Rapid block generation times of approximately 5 seconds and an absolute finality without delays or reversals. Currently, it supports up to 300 nodes, but future enhancements could see this skyrocket to over 1000. Under optimal conditions, transaction speeds can surge to an impressive 4000+ TPS. That said, cross-chain transactions can be slower due to external factors.

How ZetaChain Works  

ZetaChain operates on a vast network of validators. These validators reach consensus on external events, making necessary updates. Central to each validator are the ZetaCore and ZetaClient. 

While ZetaCore keeps the blockchain running smoothly, ZetaClient vigilantly observes external chain events and approves outgoing transactions. The bundled powers of ZetaCore and ZetaClient are harnessed by node operators. Furthermore, anyone can jump aboard the validation process, provided they have the requisite bonds staked.


  • Decentralized and public: Unlike many of its peers, ZetaChain operates on a transparent, decentralized Proof-of-Stake framework, ensuring every transaction, even cross-chain ones, are open and trustworthy.
  • Hyper-connected nodes: Each node on ZetaChain is a universe in itself, observing every transaction on connected chains and verifying them just as any digital wallet would.
  • Omnichain smart contracts: Unique to ZetaChain is its capability to deploy smart contracts that communicate with all chains, fostering a new era of app creation.
  • Cross-chain message passing: Developers can effortlessly pass messages between different chains, amplifying the power of their applications.
  • Managed external assets: Assets across all chains come under ZetaChain's ambit, enabling seamless management just as if they were all on a single chain.

Key Metrics  

ZetaChain's strides in the blockchain industry are remarkable. Even in its test phase, over 27K dApps grace its ecosystem, with an impressive 14 million cross-chain transactions. With its Ethereum-compatible virtual machine, zEVM, users can weave Omnichain Smart Contracts, seamlessly tying together assets across chains.

Recent Updates  

Innovation and ZetaChain go hand in hand. Their recent partnership with the Web3 Meta gaming platform, Ultiverse, promises to redefine GameFi. The unveiling of the first Omnichain DEX, Eddy Finance, on Zetachain is yet another feather in their cap. And if that's not enough, they recently secured a staggering $27M in funding, reinforcing their vision of a connected blockchain universe.

Dedicated Team  

At the helm of ZetaChain is the visionary Brandon Truong, a proud Stanford alumnus. With a history rooted in crypto since 2013, he and his adept team have left indelible marks in the industry. 

His experiences span creating viral social and educational apps, pioneering quantum computing research, and making significant contributions to platforms like Yada, Buzzfeed, and Udacity. With Brandon and his team, ZetaChain's future may well be bright. 


ZetaChain, with its cutting-edge technology and visionary leadership, exemplifies the future of blockchain interoperability. By addressing the pressing challenges of cross-chain transactions and offering a platform that bridges the gaps between disparate blockchains, it holds the potential to reshape the landscape of the crypto world. 

As blockchain technology continues to evolve, ZetaChain is undoubtedly a name to watch, and could become a cornerstone in the next chapter of the decentralized digital transformation.


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