Yooshi Gets NFTs on Binance NFT, Burns to Commemorate Holders

YooShi’s NFT auction on the Binance NFT marketplace will be channeled towards helping others, spreading love, and saving distressed populations.

Utulu Hope
November 7, 2021
BSC News

Yooshi NFTs Set For Auction

Yooshi will launch an auction for its unique Non-fungible Token (NFT) collections on the Binance NFT marketplace in the coming days. The NFTs will be placed on sale by the GameFi protocol to donate to charity. 

The unique digital collectibles are known as Yooshi Angel NFTs, and ten of them will be auctioned on November 9th at 12:00 UTC via the Binance NFT Marketplace. Yooshi on Twitter disclosed that the NFT auction’s proceeds would be moved to Binance Charity, a non-profit organization that accepts virtual currencies for charity donations. 

“#YOOSHI will launch Yooshi Angel #NFT Auction on @TheBinanceNFT!” Yooshi’s Tweet on November 5th read. “YooShi Angel NFT, whose image came from Angelman Syndrome, is born with good vision of helping the smiling angels. In the upcoming #YOOSHI auction launch, all proceeds will go to @BinanceBCF for charity!” 

As the name implies, Yooshi Angel NFTs signify help. With this, the Play-to-Earn NFT GameFi protocol on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) wants to help the world’s population. The NFT auction will go a long way in assisting those in need. Furthermore, with the involvement of Binance Charity, there will be transparency in distributing donations via the NFT auction to the target audience. 

Yooshi Celebrates Community with $YOOSHI Token Burn 

On November 5th, YooShi burned over 5 trillion tokens, worth more than $12 million (0.5% of supply). The event coincides with the protocol’s immense community growth. As of this writing, YooShi now has over 350,000 members across all social media platforms. 

Following the recent token burn event, $YOOSHI was among the top weekly gainers on November 6th. According to Cryptorank, the protocol’s native token surged by 355.2% in the last seven days. YooShi announced its token burn on November 6th via Twitter.

“5,053,465,739 $YOOSHI ($12,420,000+) have been burned on November 5 by multiple ways (manually burn, transaction, auction, etc.),” YooShi published. 

About YooShi

Yooshi is a play-to-earn NFT-based gaming ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain. According to the FAQ on the project’s website, Yooshi derived its name from the famous Super Mario video game.

Yooshi boasts BSC's first IDO platform for NFT-based gaming projects. The platform recently got a slot on Binance’s Most Valuable Builder II program.

Additional information about Yooshi can be found in the project’s media handles:

Website | Twitter | Medium | GitHub | Telegram

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