Xend Finance Releases New Website Optimized for the User

The world's first decentralised finance platform for credit unions and cooperatives, Xend Finance, has optimised the look and feel of its website. This change was made in response to the growing community supporting the project.

Ahamdi Abarikwu
May 2, 2021
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New Site

In a bid to improve the user-experience of its website, new Decentralized Finance (DeFi) startup Xend Finance has recently announced a makeover of its website's user interface (UI). In the press release, the team said that the move to optimise the project’s website was to keep up with its growing user community and brand appeal.

The User Is King

Every project strives to ensure that people will find it easy to connect with its product. A website is often regarded as the online face of a project. If users have a pleasant experience with the website, it could help sustain their interest in the project. On the other hand, if a website is too complex and challenging to navigate, it may diminish people's interest in the project. According to Xend, many of the new features were proposed by members of the project’s online community. The team explored solutions with the community and took steps to improve the website's overall feel. The result is a much-improved UI that even people new to crypto and DeFi will find very convenient and simple to navigate.

What's New?

The new webpage now has a streamlined signup process to make account creation easier. Other new features include: 

* A dedicated page for the platform's native token, the XEND. The page shows information about the token, such as its circulating supply and real-time price.

Source: Medium 

* Press page with links to the project’s blog, newsletter, social media handles etc. 

*Extra information like the project’s roadmap, project team's profile, and list of strategic investors and partners. 

Xend Finance is committed to continuously improving every facet of its operation. The team is steadfast to grow the Xend brand and is open to more suggestions and feedback from the community. 

About Xend Finance


Xend Finance is a borderless decentralised protocol designed for credit unions and cooperatives. It aggregates and leverages different DeFi lending protocols to help credit unions optimise yields. Xend Finance is the first DeFi platform developed for the credit and cooperatives market. It is also the first African company to develop a fully operational product on the Binance Smart Chain. 

The Xend project team is composed of experienced professionals from the fields of cryptography, blockchain development, and mathematics. The innovativeness of the project won it backings from Binance Labs and Google Launchpad.

For more on Xend Finance, see the project’s official media links,






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