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X World Games Surges Ahead of BSC News AMAChella

Even in the midst of a market pullback BSC PlaytoEarn projects appear to defy market sentiment and move independently.

PlaytoEarn Project X World Games Surges

X World Games have enjoyed a buoyant few weeks after a price surge that has defied the general market sentiment users have been enduring throughout the crypto space.

The project’s native token $XWG, enjoyed an impressive rise from the $0.08 mark up to $0.12 on the same day on December 14th, according to CoinMarketCap.The volatility of the GameFi space aside, a 50% jump in the midst of a market pullback is generally a bullish sign. The team was clearly overjoyed with its general performance:

“3rd place with a bullish pump! Winter is coming and we are melting the ice!” the team excitedly tweeted on December 16th.

The vacuum in Binance Smart Chain (BSC) GameFi left following the crash of CryptoMines has opened the door for several projects, and X World Games is ripe for the moment.

BSC News will be hosting X World Games in our exciting AMAchella lineup of Binance MVB winners. Co-Founder Edwin Liu underlined the date with an emphatic Tweet and appears in good spirits as his project continues to navigate the pullback seamlessly.

What is X World Games?

X World Games is a next-generation blockchain gaming ecosystem. The protocol aims to bring cryptocurrencies to an open gaming world, where users and gamers can collect, create, and trade in-game NFT items as they take part in multiplayer games worldwide. 

X World Games token, $XWG, is currently trading at $0.14, according to CoinMarketCap.

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