X World Games Begins 2022 Launching Dream Card V2 Alpha

The closed alpha game is so far impressing the first users to play.

Kyle Heise
January 3, 2022
BSC News

XWG Releases Closed Alpha GameFi

X World Games (XWG) has released its PlayToEarn Dream Card V2 closed alpha to 100 lucky players. The Dream Card V2 was developed through Unity and is one of the most highly anticipated releases in the XWG metaverse.

The X World Games team gave the details on how to access and initiate the new game in a Medium post on December 31. The chosen users have to complete specific steps to enter the DreamCard network and purchase their NFTs. The first Dream Cards NFTs were teased and launched in the Summer of 2021, so the wait has been long.

X World Games included a lottery ticket system within NFTs that the team expects will bring one of the “most exciting P2E gameplay experiences” on Binance Smart Chain, the Medium stated. 


The Japanese Play Trading Card Game style is impressing its first users. Twitter user @4MaxWeber was one of the lucky users to be whitelisted and has so far enjoyed the gameplay. The user included sneak peek game footage in his tweets as well.

“As a selected Dream Card 2.0 pilgrimage I definitely satisfied and enjoyed by playing. Graphs are certainly perfect and the gameplay is both easy and enjoyable,” @4MaxWeber tweeted on January 1. 

X World Games is a nano-cap GameFi protocol on Binance Smart Chain. The native $XWG token has a market capitalization of $24 Million and currently trades at $0.09672 USD, according to CoinMarketCap. The game very much seems to tap into a niche culture that enjoys Japanese fantasy anime-style cartoon games.

About X World Games

X World Games is blockchain trading card gaming ecosystem. The protocol aims to bring cryptocurrencies to an open gaming world, where users and gamers can collect, create, and trade in-game NFT items as they take part in multiplayer games worldwide. 

Check out more of X World Games:

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