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Wombat Exchange Prepares New Swap, Full Launch

The full launch of BNB Chain-based multichain stableswap Wombat Exchange will bring several key features and incentives to users.

Meet the All-New Wombat Exchange

Multichain stableswap Wombat Exchange is set to launch fully on Sept. 5, the project team confirmed to users in an Aug. 26 announcement.


Based on BNB Chain, Wombat Exchange said the Stableswap V2 full launch would come with key features. These include:

  • The upgrade of the $40 million liquidity pool cap set during the Beta Launch to $400 million ($100 million per asset)
  • Enabling liquidity mining with the first batch of stablecoin listings: USDT, USDC, DAI, and BUSD
  • Rewarding liquidity providers with $WOM tokens from its Base Pool when they deposit any of the supported stablecoins, and
  • rewarding liquidity providers from Wombat’s Boosting Pool via its veWOM mechanism when they stake WOM.

Speaking to BSC News on what the intended launch means for the project and what users should expect, the Wombat Exchange team said:

“It will be the kick-start of our journey to being the best stableswap on BNB Chain. We are aiming to launch our side pool & liquid staking pool in the coming weeks to further enhance our product growth and user experience - so users are able to have more options in liquidity mining & we have a better chance of attracting more TVL.”
“At the same time, we’ll also work on our governance voting design shortly. Since we’re already communicating with nine projects building on top of Wombat, we are expecting the rise of the token bribes pretty soon. By then, there will be more use cases for the WOM token and a better APR in general to our WOM stakers.”

In its just-concluded its Initial Farm Offering (IFO) on PancakeSwap, Wombat Exchange’s WOM token got oversubscribed by 15 times in the IFO public sale and by 11 times in the private sale.


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