Who is Building on Base?

by BSC News

February 26, 2023


Base has announced a long list of confirmed partners, including Gelato Network, Blackbird, Socket, and others, to provide seamless automation capabilities, revolutionize loyalty programs, and enable asset and data transfer across chains, among other benefits, as it aims to bring the next billion users to the Web3 space.

Base Secures Impressive Roster of Partners

Coinbase has announced the launch of Base, a developer-friendly Ethereum Layer 2 solution that aims to bring the next billion users to the Web3 space.

Base has already garnered a slew of confirmed partners, which include some of the most exciting names in the industry. As Base testnet goes live, we offer a closer look at some of the exciting partnerships that have already been confirmed.

Base has already confirmed significant partnerships in the space.

Gelato, a decentralized backend for Web3, has joined hands with Base to provide seamless automation capabilities. Blackbird, a company that aims to revolutionize restaurant loyalty, has partnered with Base to create a future-ready loyalty program for its customers.

Socket, which enables asset and data transfer across chains, is also one of the confirmed partners of Base. Coherent is building a data warehouse for Base to ensure a secure and transparent database. Flipside, which specializes in decoding and curating Base data, has been granted early access to the platform.

Mnemonic is bringing NFT data, insights, and analytics to the Base ecosystem. Blockdaemon is supporting Base with its Ubiquity Data API suite, while Covalent is providing comprehensive and accurate data for its testnet, playing an active role in its road to mainnet. Etherscan and Blockscout have been roped in as explorers of Base, providing reliable open-source exploration tools for the platform.

Dune Analytics, a free analytics platform, has also joined hands with Base, allowing developers to gain valuable insights into user behavior. The Graph has been included to allow developers to build subgraphs to index and query Base Dapp data on testnet, while Wormhole is providing a low lift, low-code solution for multiple xChain use cases.

QuickNode is one of the official node providers for Base, enabling developers to sign up for a Base testnet node, while Nansen is providing data analytics for both builders and users on Base. Pyth Network is allowing builders on Base to tap into its 200+ price feeds.

SushiSwap is one of the DEXs of Base, allowing users to access decentralized trading services with ease. Cask Protocol is building automated money flows on Base testnet, and City3 is building citywide community currencies on Base.

With such an impressive roster of confirmed partners and more on the way, Base is well on its way to becoming a powerful force in the world of Ethereum Layer 2 solutions. Developers can start building on the Base testnet today and can look forward to the upcoming mainnet launch.

What is Base:

Base is a secure, low-cost, developer-friendly Ethereum L2 built to bring the next billion users to Web3. Base is built as the optimum environment for budding developers in Web3 to build on using their RPC testnet endpoint or choose from Node providers: QuickNode, Infura, and Blockdaemon. Developers can start building on the Base testnet today and stay tuned for the upcoming mainnet launch

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