Where Will Little Baby Doge Be in 1 Year?

The project seeks to build its own unique use case that lets it stand above other meme coins.

October 25, 2021

Meme Coins and the Future

Meme coins are going through the roof right now and it seems as if almost everyone is in on the action. However, before FOMO takes over you, you need to know that not all meme coins are built the same. Many really are only about the hype, but some are here to stay - if not flourish - into the future.

Little Baby Doge is a meme coin that could last for a long time, given the fact that the project goes beyond the speculative mania that drives most cryptocurrencies. Apart from it being a meme coin, Little Baby Doge is also active in the fight against climate change (a global problem that needs immediate action now and in the future).

What is Little Baby Doge?

Little Baby Doge (LBD) is a hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency project with a revolutionary reward program guaranteed to offer anyone in the Dogecoin family a plethora of lucrative deals. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, Little Baby Doge will offer its holders free BNB through its token burn process. The fun doesn't stop at that; the LBD platform also comes with a lottery, a swap and farm platform, and an NFT marketplace. Not only does LBD work to empower the average Dogecoin fan, but it also fights for a noble cause which is to raise funds for protecting the environment.

What is the Outlook of the LBD token a Year From Now?

According to LBD's road map, Little Baby Doge is just getting started. This stage of growth will involve partnering with social influencers to inch the project ahead and increase awareness. Plans are already set for CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings, not to mention promotional marketing campaigns to grow the number of holders past the 10,000 mark.

Given that all LBD holders will be able to earn up to 3% through instant auto-staking and rewards generated from daily transaction volumes, it is very possible for this coin to gain mass adoption within a short time.

LBD's strategic buyback approach is also a huge incentive in LBD’s capacity to retain value one year from now. Tokens are burned from every sale order thus discouraging whales from selling and encouraging holders to retain their diamond hands.

Add that to the noble cause of joining the fight against climate change with the partnership of influential climate change activists such as Greta Thunberg, and you have a meme coin ready for take-off to the moon.

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