What is the Biswap Three-Type Referral Reward System?

The three-type referral reward system offers both users and their friends' rewards for joining the Biswap community.

Utulu Hope
January 8, 2022
BSC News

Introducing Biswap 

Biswap is the first Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with a three-type referral reward system. Biswap has recently gained considerable traction through features like low transaction fees, trading competitions to win exclusive prizes, and swapping with no cost. 

The protocol also offers users profitable liquidity pools, numerous farming opportunities to earn its native $BSW tokens, a free BSW pool, and more. In essence, Biswap offers users numerous opportunities to maximize their income. We want to look at one such means of making a profit on Biswap—the three-type referral system. 


Biswap’s Three-Type Referral Reward System 

The three-type referral reward system is one of the best features on Biswap that allows users to maximize their rewards. Users can invite friends to register via their referral links and earn rewards through the strategy. The three-type referral system comprises Farms, Launchpools, and Swaps/Exchange referral rewards. 

Farms Referral Rewards: Users will get a 5% return in BSW tokens from their referrals’ earnings from farming. Users can withdraw their rewards from their referral accounts when their referrals get BSW tokens to the wallet. 

Launchpools Referral Rewards: Users will also get a 5% return in BSW tokens from their referrals’ earnings from Launchpools. Again, rewards can be withdrawn after the referrals get BSW tokens to their wallets. 

Swaps/Exchange Referral Rewards: Users will get a certain commission reward each time their referrals make swaps on the Biswap platform. The exchange rewards are sent immediately after the referrals make a swap. However, exchange referral rewards are only active for some specific pairs. 


Offering Benefits for Joining Biswap 

The BSC-based protocol created the Biswap three-type referral system to offer users benefits from joining the Biswap community, including their invited friends. According to Biswap’s document, users can share their rewards with their friends. 

“With our Biswap referral system, we want to have both and your friends benefit from joining our community. You can also share a portion of your rewards (10%, 25%, 50%) with your friends,’ the document reads.  

Where to find Biswap:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium

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