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Welcome To The World Of Anito Legends

Players can access the blockchain game based on Philippine culture through four different platforms.

Beta Access Released

Anito Legends, an idle RPG blockchain game based on Philippine mythology built on the BNB network, gave BSC News access to their closed beta to test out the game.

Players who have access to the Beta version of the game can now experience the idle RPG on four different platforms of their choosing. In a press release sent on May 12, Anito Legends is proud to announce that the game is now available on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

“We are very excited to share the Anito Legends experience with the community, no matter what platform they are gaming on. With the beta version accessible across these platforms, we are hoping to keep growing our database of over 1,200+ testers,” Anito Legends Chief Executive Officer, James Chua, said in their press release. 
Source: Anito Legend’s Press Release

Exploring the World of Lupa

Access to the Beta starts by signing up as a beta tester for the game. Then, the team reviews those applying and gives them access to the game every Friday in Philippine time. Once access is granted, a mobile Metamask is needed to scan the QR code and sync a player’s wallet to the game. But make sure that you’re signing up with the same wallet address as the one logged in to your mobile Metamask.

Once the game loads up, players are greeted with 2D art and a piece of catchy tribal music distinctly found in South East Asia. Players will get access to their Beta Anitos and some items to equip on their legends before they start playing the game by opening the Anito’s boxes on the upper right side of the screen.

Screenshots of Anito Legends’ Beta

The home screen of Anito Legends features the available Anitos a player has, the in-game merchant called Nino’s Shop, and access to the PvE Tower mode of the game. Clicking each Anito opens up a menu where players can customize the legend’s equipment, feed them their favorite food, or heal the injuries they got in battle.

Nino’s shop is where players go to spend their hard-earned pearls or craft equipment from resources gathered through gameplay. The PvE Tower mode, located on the top right corner of the interface, is where players can enter the world of Lupa, and the real game begins.

Screenshots of Anito Legends’ Beta

Entering the tower mode for the first time prompts the game to ask you to select your team. Choose wisely, as the Anitos picked will be used throughout the duration of the campaign. Each session lasts until all the Anitos in the party have been knocked out, or the player opts to end the session.

Players work their way through the selected tower and continue to do so as long as there is at least a single Anito in their party still living. There are campfires located at certain levels where the player can choose to either heal their Anitos, resurrect fallen Anitos, or receive a damage boost for the campaign.

Screenshots of Anito Legends’ Beta

The player’s Anitos will face monsters on each level of the tower. Battles are done idly with the option to fast forward or pause battles at any time. Each Anito and monster will take turns giving blows to their opponent until one team is left standing. Each monster has a unique set of attributes that can prove challenging for the player. 

However, Anitos do have special abilities that trigger once the blue circle gauge under their HP bar is filled. Certain weapons also have different status or special effects that the Anitos can leverage while progressing through the Tower mode. Rewards are given through chests acquired after each battle. Players will spend energy to open these chests and add the rewards to their inventory. Energy is replenished after a certain period.

The idle nature of the game makes it easy to comprehend. However, the real challenge lies in the strategy players take to continue to progress through the world of Lupa. With the game still currently in Beta, token rewards are still not implemented at this stage. However, the team will get valuable feedback from more community members after opening up access to the protocol through four different channels.

“With so many gadgets utilized on a daily basis, ensuring that the closed beta can be played across a large number of devices became the top priority for Anito Legends,” Luie Magbanua, Anito Legends’ Head of PR and Community, said in the press release. “This also allows for direct feedback from the community, which is extremely important now that Anito Legends is gearing up for launch this June 2022.”

Check out Anito Legend’s website to sign up and test the game before it launches in June.

What is Anito Legends:

Anito Legends is a multi-platform strategic auto-battler casual game built on the BNB Chain. Users form a team of three Anitos to go on adventures with either in the single-player or multiplayer PvP game modes. Weapons, armor, and shields can be equipped to the Anitos to help them in the battle where $GINTO tokens and other loot await the victor.

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