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The GameFi platform seeks to build a well-rounded ecosystem that incentivizes holders.

Introducing SGC

Our aim is to create a gaming community like no other. Crypto and gaming are two industries which are continuously growing and evolving. Our SGC token is bringing several utilities to the gaming sector.

SGC is a cryptocurrency token which has launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). You can currently purchase it on PancakeSwap.

SGC is in collaboration with major gaming companies and plans to implement the SGC coin in the day-to-day life of gamers and the gamer community. It gives holders the opportunity to buy and sell coins with the following benefits.

  • Liquidity: Buy 4%, Sell 5%
  • Marketing: Buy 2%, Sell 3%
  • BNB Holders: Buy 2%, Sell 3%
  • Game Development: Buy 2%, Sell 3%
  • Burn: Buy 1%, Sell 1% 


Development of SafeGameCash

SGC will cooperate and connect with major industries and video game companies to implement SGC coin in the daily life of gamers and gamer community.

The main utilities of SafeGameCash are:

NFT Collection and Game

We are currently developing a 10,000-piece NFT collection with unique SGC characters. Alongside these will also be an NFT game being released in December!

6-in-1 Mini Games

Due to be released in Q2 2022 is our 6-in-1 mini games app. The mini games will be a mix of different genres (puzzle / arcade / word etc). These games will be “play to earn” (P2E), so you can earn points which can be swapped for SGC. Additionally, these points can be used to unlock additional features in the games. Use your SGC tokens to also purchase points!

E-Sports Gaming

SGC’s ambition is to become heavily involved in the e-Sports gaming sector. This includes creation of its very own e-Sports team, a platform for discussions, community contests, live events, and live streaming.

Charity Fundraising

We will host periodic contests where the purpose of that contest is to raise funds to donate to charity. We want to make a big impact on the chosen charities so to encourage donations, the prize is 1 BTC! 

Tokenomic Rewards

A small percentage of the token transaction fee is converted to BNB and then distributed to all holders. This reward will continuously accumulate during all transactions. The more tokens you hold, the more BNB rewards you will earn. Our website now has a dashboard where you can monitor your earnings and claim the earned rewards. These rewards will be sent to your wallet immediately. As the price rises and the volume of trade increases, so will these exciting rewards!


Savior Swap System

One of the worst things that can happen in crypto is for a project to become abandoned for any reason. When this happens, it can leave the holders of that token with nowhere to go. SafeGameCash aims to change this. We want to be the “go to” community for help when a token has failed, with a project named the Savior Swap. 

The idea is relatively simple – when a token fails and it is brought to the attention of the SGC team, a review of the events leading up to the abandonment is conducted. If the token is deemed suitable for Savior Swap, a migration to a special Savior Swap token will be granted. The exchange rate will depend on the total supply and market cap of the token being swapped. These special swap tokens will generate SGC tokens as a reward for holding.

The benefits of Savior Swap are two-fold. Firstly, it brings new hope that all is not lost to those holders. Secondly, by absorbing abandoned holders into the SGC community, it creates a larger community and contributes to the future growth of SafeGameCash. Savior Swap has the potential to bring many holders to SafeGameCash.


Karma Rewards System - Private Staking

The idea and principle of this innovative program is to reward holders over the long term for holding SGC coins.

Metaverse Game

In the second part of 2022, SGG plans to release our first Metaverse Game. This game will put all the characters of the NFT collections into action in new situations and places within the Metaverse. A new world will open up to players around the world

Who Can Participate?

Each holder who holds SGC coins and does not sell, transfer, change or move the SGC coins for 3,6, 9 and 12 months gets bonuses and the top 3 winners gets a sum of 100,000, 30,000 and 10,000 USD respectively

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