Weekly Ecosystem Report for Cronos Chain

Let's look into the performance of Cronos Chain in the last week.

Cronos Activity, Price Action

Designed to connect the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems, Cronos Chain is the first Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible blockchain deployed on Cosmos. More than 180 projects are currently built on it, including leading projects like VVS Finance and Mad Meerkat Finance.

In the last week, the network saw some significant developments within its ecosystem. They include:

  • Cronos nodes deployed on GetBlock: On Aug. 22, GetBlock, a blockchain node infrastructure for building Decentralized Applications (dApps), announced the addition of Cronos Nodes to its network to assist developers in deploying their dApps on Cronos Chain.
  • Cobo Custody and Cobo Wallet integration: In an Aug. 29 announcement, Cobo Global announced the integration of its Cobo Custody and Cobo Wallet with Cronos Chain.
  • Partnership with ETHGlobal: On Aug. 29, the chain announced its partnership with ETHGlobal to host the ETHOnline hackathon. The competition was scheduled to take place Sept. 2-28 and will feature several developers and creatives within the Web3 ecosystem.

$CRO in the Last Month

According to data from CoinMarketCap, the network’s native coin, CRO, traded at $0.1215 as of this writing. Also impacted by the general downturn that plagued the entire market in the last month, the price of the CRO coin declined by 14%.


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