WaultSwap Continues Setting All-Time Highs as TVL Surpasses 1B

Wault Finance continues in its record-setting streak since the launch of its WaultSwap exchange platform. The yield aggregator and automated market maker (AMM) platform recently crossed the Total Value Locked (TVL) of $1 Billion.

Wilfred Victor
May 10, 2021
BSC News

$1 Billion TVL and New ATH

A few hours ago, Wault Finance crossed a whopping $1 Billion as it continued to gather steam amidst the generall bullish market.

Wault Finance Farm

The farm features both single of both WEX and WAULT native platform staking and LP staking across various LP tokens of BNB, DOT, CAKE, LTC, etc. The highest stake TVL is shared between WEX single and its LP staking with huge APR in all available pools.

WEX 12th burn round

As part of the strategy to maintain and grow the WEX token value which also makes up the integral component of the tokenomics, the team carried out the 12th round of token burn yesterday. A total amount of $3 million worth of WEX was burnt.

The burn event can be linked to the rally up to $0.38, setting a new All-Time High. The token has rallied a solid 230% for investors in the last seven days, according to Coingecko. Many are calling for $1 or more as the project continues to gather more momentum among fans and holders. The token has since corrected to $0.22, still boasting tremendous gains for investors in the last week.

WEX hitting new ATH 7 hours ago

About WaultSwap

WaultSwap is the exchange platform of Wault Finance protocol dedicated to making an effective and friendly yield generator and lending aggregator. In its latest record-breaking mission, the platform just crossed the $1 Billion TVL mark and WEX reached a new high of almost $0.4. The general market is looking bullish as the sentiments keep growing and remain positive.


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