WAAA - Cryptory Launches New PFP NFT Project Amid Bear Market

With $1,000,000 raised in early seed investment and an experienced team, WAAA has the right recipe for success.

At the time of writing, the blockchain industry is still going through its chilliest winter yet. The prolonged bear market had sent many projects collapsing. The entire market was haunted by FUD, dwarfing investors' confidence to an all-time low. It takes a lot of courage for any project to tread such treacherous waters. Yet amid the dire condition, a Vietnam-based NFT project called WAAA seems to thrive.

WAAA (short for We Are All Alike) is currently Vietnam’s most anticipated PFP NFT project. Announced in the last quarter of 2022, WAAA had received over 1,000,000 USD in early seeding investment from potential investors lining up to join the project.

Let’s get to know some notable features of this new PFP NFT project to find out what makes it special in the eyes of local and global NFT communities alike.

The Team

WAAA gathered a team of professional community builders with expertise in incubating and growing young talents, as well as experience working on successful projects with similar scale as WAAA.

Their co-founders are no strangers in the local market. They founded CREATORY, a Vietnam-based talent management company with over seven years of thriving in the digital entertainment industry. They have successfully grown Vietnam's earliest generation of streamers with notable names such as Misthy, PewPew, Oops Banana, etc., and received over 20 Gold Button from YouTube. CREATORY is also the largest backer of WAAA up to date.

The Universe

What makes this NFT collection outstanding is that it was not based on a theme but revolves around the whole futuristic universe of WAAA. The creation concept sets in a metropolis of 2099 AD where a subset of humans called Lifemancers arise with the ability to wield Life Force, the power of Mother Nature, to breathe life into everyday objects and perform incredible feats.

The story follows the ideological clash between Lifemancers on the future of planet Earth. But how the story unfolds will be decided by the members of its community. You can start reading the latest WAAA chapters at to understand more about their setup.

Furthermore, the project ambition is to turn WAAA into an IP brand that can expand into different entertainment formats, such as merchandise, comic series, animations, etc., that will help increase the value of the original NFT collection.

The Collection Itself

Working hand-in-hand with Crazy Monkey, one of Vietnam's highly-regarded artists, who has also made a reputation for himself in the Web3 industry, bringing a refreshing look to the WAAA’s NFT collection with his modern manga aesthetics. Furthermore, as revealed in their first AWA, behind the mind of their extraordinary Creative Director is a team of over 20 studio artists working hard to refine every detail in the collection.  

The collection will have 4 tiers of rarity that are Common (60%), Rare (20%), Epic (15%), and Legendary (5%). Furthermore, each NFT will consist of 10 different traits with varying rarity as well.

The total quantity and pricing are currently in discussion and will be announced by the team soon. Meanwhile, you can win a whitelist spot from their weekly giveaway or join their Application Program.


A series of Partners with a robust community from Vietnam and major countries in the world are always ready to support the project with all their might. Currently, the Airdrop Whitelists are gradually being launched, satisfying the NFT thirst of tens of thousands of people.

The Application Program

The project was announced in mid of November, along with a Referral Program. However, due to high demand, the Referral Program was quickly overloaded within a couple of hours of its release. So the only way you can get a whitelist spot is via Application Program.

Simply connect your wallet on the website. Answer a short survey consisting of 6 questions, submit and wait for your application to be reviewed.

Since WAAA hand-picked every applicant, it might take some time for one to be approved. So if you want to be a part of WAAA, it's best to join the Application Program as soon as possible.


One of the major perks of owning a WAAA NFT is being able to join their DAO to receive a variety of boons and benefits that it promised to bring. WAAA has always prided itself as one of the first in the Vietnamese NFT industry to build a promising DAO with a clear operation plan.

The DAO has a built-in Treasury that is highly secure and will be fully operational as soon as the project launches. Here, members could unanimously vote on what and how its fund will be spent, ensuring complete fairness and transparency. Furthermore, with years and years of experience under their belts, WAAA’s team of community builders guarantees members will enjoy a streamlined and professional experience with their DAO.

Final Assessment

WAAA possesses a strong team of Founders and community builders alongside big-time backers who are veterans in the community industry. In addition, the project also has a solid foundation, experienced team members, some creative brains for the artworks and storytelling, not to mention their highly positive public perception. WAAA has the right ingredients for the success recipe. We believe that WAAA is here to stay and can’t wait to see how much more it will thrive once the Crypto Winter is over.

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