Vikings Inu Smoothly Sails Through Launch

The horizon seems as if it could be bright for this gamified Binance Smart Chain project.

November 16, 2021

Introducing Vikings Inu

Vikings Inu is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that has been growing substantially since its inception. The key focus for the project is to maintain as much decentralization as possible while incentivizing users with a variety of DeFi services. Since launching Vikings Inu has been listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko within the same day, as well as reaching $10 million in market cap and $3 million daily volume. This has increased their exposure and community, bringing more value to holders.

Vikings Inu is powered by the VIKINGS token, a fully deflationary utility token. VIKINGS is used to incentivize platform users as well as power the Viking Treasure Hunt game, an expansion of the platform into GameFi.

Key Features

Holder Rewards - 4% of all VIKINGS transactions are redistributed to all VIKINGS holders, incentivizing holding the token over selling.

Bot Protections - The platform has installed an anti-bot mechanism with a 20-second cooldown in between purchases. This will prevent bots from making mass amounts of transactions and keep the market fair and decentralized.

Constant Burns - 1% of every VIKINGS transaction will be burned, keeping the circulating supply in check and maintaining appropriate inflation.

GameFi Integrations - Vikings Inu is introducing GameFi elements to their platform in the form of Vikings Treasure Hunt, allowing users to play to earn.

Multi Airdrop System - This tool is an efficient way of sending large amounts of tokens out in batch transfers with minimal fees. Any fees incurred while using the tool will be used for marketing or to buyback and burn VIKINGS.

Free Airdrops - The Vikings Inu marketing code wallet monitors 10-20 other trending BSC tokens and sends free airdrops to addresses that hold these tokens. This allows Vikings Inu to gain extra exposure and spread their community.

Vikings Treasure Hunt

Vikings Treasure Hunt is an upcoming GameFi product in the Vikings Inu ecosystem, with a beta version to be released in the near future. Anybody holding 10,000,000 VIKINGS will be able to participate.

Gameplay will revolve around hunting for treasure and building a formidable force to battle other players. There will be Ships players can purchase with varying levels of firepower, as well as “VIKINGS Doge” to help defend your Ships. Player movement will be turn-based, with extra moves available for reaching certain holding criteria or by purchase.

Players will be able to purchase and build up their land, which will then produce VIKINGS rewards. Gameplay will be in a ranked season format that resets monthly, with special dividends for highly-ranked players. 



VIKINGS is fully deflationary in model. There are automatic burns with every transaction, as well as holder incentives from all fees gathered. 

Concluding Thoughts

Vikings Inu seeks to ride the same wave that DOGE and SHIB have rode before it, with the added element of gamification. With a variety of holder incentives, VIKINGS makes a strong case to hold instead of sell, keeping the value higher.

With their airdrop system spreading their exposure along with their listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, Vikings Inu has seen a smooth and successful start to their project. With a full GameFi offering and Centralized Exchange (CEX) listings on their roadmap, the project seems to be ready to assume a strong position in BSC DeFi.

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