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Vela Exchange Surpasses $1bn in Trading Volume on Arbitrum

Vela Exchange has hit a landmark figure as the team unveils the Open Beta Roadmap detailing the journey ahead.

Vela Exchange's Roadmap to Success

Vela Exchange has achieved a remarkable feat, surpassing $1 billion in trading volume on Arbitrum. This milestone reflects the rapid growth of the platform and the community's trust in its offerings.

The team at Vela Exchange has also revealed the roadmap of its beta phase, highlighting the significant developments and events on the horizon.

A significant milestone for the Arbitrum project.

The beta phase has been a significantjourney, allowing Vela Exchange to connect deeply with its community, improve the platform, and identify and fix bugs. Their community-driven approach enables them to listen to feedback, and the beta phase has provided valuable insights that will aid in making the platform even better.

The roadmap leads to the all important launch coundown.

Phase 2: of the beta roadmap is all about stabilization and scalability. The focus is on making sure the Vela Exchange platform can handle high-performance while processing thousands of transactions close to real-time. Several exciting events are planned for this phase, including the game-changing Axelar integration, which will enhance the trading experience like never before. Additionally, traders can compete in regular trading contests and look forward to new asset listings.

Phase 3: is the countdown to the official launch of Vela Exchange. The team is working tirelessly to improve and enhance the platform, and they promise to announce new features, promotions, and pairs that will make the official launch the biggest event in the perpetual trading world this year.

Beta testers can look forward to unique and exclusive rewards, including participation NFT and airdrops, as a token of appreciation for their support during the beta phase. The team assures the community that the best announcements and incentives are yet to come and encourages them to stay tuned with the community channels.

In conclusion, Vela Exchange's roadmap promises an epic ride, full of promise and limitless possibilities.

What is Vela Exchange:

Vela Exchange is a decentralized exchange with advanced perpetuals trading capabilities, community focused incentives, and scalable infrastructure. The project has been making important progress just as Arbitrum has begun to garner more attention resulting in an impressive rise in user activity.

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