Vela Exchange Launches Beta Phase 3: What to Expect?

by BSC News

March 13, 2023


Vela Exchange has announced the launch of its Beta Phase 3, following the completion of Phase 2. The new phase promises to bring a preview of the future and includes exciting milestones in its Beta Roadmap.‍

New Milestones With Beta Phase 3

Decentralized exchange and perpetual trading platform Vela Exchange released details on its phase 3, which is currently live. 

During Phase 2, Vela Exchange focused on ensuring it could handle thousands of transactions close to real-time while maintaining high performance. Furthermore, Phase 2 saw regular contests and new asset listing opportunities. The protocol also introduced multichain deposits powered by Axelar and Squid, allowing any asset from any chain to be deposited on Vela Exchange.

In Phase 3, Vela exchange aims to achieve some of the milestones outlined in its Beta Roadmap as follows:

Third Beta NFT Claim

The third Vela Exchange Beta NFT Claim is now live. In order to qualify for this Non-Fungible Token (NFT), you must have 50 $VELA tokens and be in the top 2500 of Vela Exchange's trading volume. 

There will only be 2500 copies available for minting. The team plans to build something exclusive and utility-driven using the NFTs released so far.

Flash Competition #2

Vela Exchange will begin round 2 of the flash competition after receiving positive feedback from participants from the earlier round. As reported, the event will see a Grand Beta Trading Competition with massive prizes and an interactive experience.

Airdrop for Beta Users

Vela Exchange will commence airdrop for Beta testers and loyal community members during the Beta phase 3 in the coming months. There is still time to test the beta and qualify for rewards.

The team also hinted at the unveiling of the roadmap and the official launch announcement during Beta phase 3

“The final phase of the Vela Exchange beta will have some of the best-hidden gems since the start of our beta, and all we can say is: Loyalty will be rewarded,” Vela Exchange stated

Vela Exchange ($VELA) is trading at $5.04, up 31.73% in 24 hours.

What is Vela Exchange:

Vela Exchange is a decentralized exchange with advanced perpetual trading capabilities, community-focused incentives, and scalable infrastructure. The project has been making important progress just as Arbitrum has begun to garner more attention resulting in an impressive rise in user activity.

Learn more about Vela Exchange:

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