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UFC Fighter, Khabib, Announces his own NFT Cards

Non Fungible Token (NFTs) hype is still high and fresh. The attention is drawing on mainstream mass media, with various actors and players on the scene taking a slice of the niche. Now UFC fighters such as Khabib are taking active roles in the market.

Digital Khabib Launches NFT Collection

UCF fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov aka The Eagle, who goes by the nickname Digital Khabib on Twitter, just formally announced his own NFT card release.

The former fighter joins the latest list of NFT card releases on the blockchain. In a one-minute video, the fighter talked about the type of available card releases; they will be linked to unique digital cards of Gold, Platinum, and Diamond issued in limited series. According to the fighter, all unsold cards will be burnt.

The Diamond card will be the rarest, only one card will be released. Full details about the release are available on his web page HERE. Interested buyers can immediately start booking their slot.

This comes on the heels of the latest NFT news after Metakovan made the record purchase of an NFT art from the artist Beeple for a whopping $69 million. Digital Khabib goes ahead to join the ride.

What are NFTs?

Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs, as it’s more widely known, are a unique type of token that has limited supply and they can not be split or duplicated, unlike fungible counterparts. Its wide application is in gaming, art, sports, collections, and generally any physical application that can be digitalized.

Its acceptance into the community’s broader use is in its rarity and recently for its incredible valuation. NFTs  been gaining some widespread attention and adoption from both traditional and blockchain-based players, the latest being UFC fighter Digital Khabib.

Khabib NFT Response

A glance through the official tweet announcement from the fighter’s official handle shows a favorable response coming in from supporters.

Like the tweet from user {@Ghosttx_} which reads: “Smart man!!! Whoever is your financial advisor deserves an award” and many more positive Tweets pouring support for the fighter.

In Conclusion 

Token sales for the NFTs auction haven’t started yet. The footer announcement on the NFT auction website specifies sales to begin next month, April 2021.

Users who want to put their hands on the rare cards can already start booking their slots in preparation. 

This is another step closer to the mass adoption and massive rally expected of the crypto economy. Currently, it’s time for the NFTs, Defi is cooling off the steam a bit, but many users still argue that the race is still on for both niches. 

Overall the market maintains hype and bullish sentiment, but we strongly advise the application of caution with your investments.

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