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TopGoal Unites With Binance to Stimulate the Football Fan Token Experience

Binance and TopGoal will work to build out a metaverse experience that can lead to mass adoption using football as its lynchpin.

TopGoal Football Metaverse With Binance

TopGoal is working with Binance to increase the utility of Binance’s fan tokens and build out a football metaverse experience.

The partnership will combine the reach of both projects by using the licensed NFT digital collectibles from TopGoal while flexing the use of Binance’s Fan Token connection to add utility like game jerseys from the teams under Binance. Binance and TopGoal will work together to build a metaverse fan experience that captures the massive sports fan economy of world football. 

“We want to give real fans virtual matchday [sic] experiences, virtual SocialFi experiences, virtual leagues and tournaments, and make them feel part of the club, at the same time maximizing the interests of the Fan token clubs,” TopGoal Co-Founder Xander said in a press release shared with BSC News

Binance and TopGoal have outlined the development of their relationship in three stages:

  • First Stage: Integrate Binance Fan tokens into TopGoal and use cases to the TopManager GameFi
  • Second Stage: Partner with more teams to build out the metaverse experience and bring NFT collectibles of these teams into the gaming experience, including licensed gear and stadiums
  • Third (Long-term) Stage: Build out the TopGoal metaverse to increase user participation emphasizing real world experiences like exclusive team experiences as well as facilitate communication among fans on the platform. 

Binance Fan Tokens currently have partnerships with top-flight teams from around the world like FC Porto of Portugal, Santos FC of Brazil, and SS Lazio of Italy.

Binance is taking several paths to increase the football experience simultaneously as the 2022 FIFA World Cup plays out in Qatar in November. Binance launched its first global marketing campaign which featured an NFT launch from world-famous player Cristiano Ronaldo. Binance sees football as a mechanism towards mass adoption. 

What is TopGoal:

TopGoal is a leading GameFi and SocialFi platform dedicated to bridging sports to Web3, providing a new digital experience and virtual space for sports stars, clubs, institutions, and fans while endowing more games, sports, and entertainment elements. Fans can entertain, create, and socialize with each other in TopGoal Metaverse, as well as share profit/benefits of the TopGoal ecosystem.

Where to find TopGoal:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Instagram |

What is Binance Fan Token:

Binance Fan Tokens help bring the fan experience into the crypto world. The tokens are part of a growing trend of digitizing interactions on the blockchain. Binance is partnering with big-name sports teams and brands to bring fans closer to the teams and clubs they support.

Where to find Binance Fan Token:

Website | Twitter |

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